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  1. quickfire

    ps3 for only 319

    I used the 20% coupon on a XBOX 360......I paid $293.67 TOTAL including tax .....saved $73.23 the only thing i dislike about the hdmi version is having to buy the special hdmi audio cable!
  2. quickfire

    ps3 for only 319

    would this coupon work for an XBOX 360??? I already have a PS3!!!
  3. quickfire

    PS3 Update Thread (v1.60)

    I somewhat agree.........but I like the old zoom in manual function me it now Zooms in to far without the ability to adjust it whatsoever!!!!!
  4. quickfire

    4,000,000 Wii in six weeks

    Thats what i'm thinking about doing myself......I can wait a few months until the hype dies down on the PS3.....I plan on standing outside the store and basically hanging out till someone comes aling wanting the PS3 ..then i'll step in and offer them mine!!!I sthis morally right?probley not but...
  5. quickfire

    4,000,000 Wii in six weeks

    Does the Wii have a built in web browser?
  6. quickfire

    Lots of 360's Available

    I have went to several Wal-Marts...each had atleast 5 systems......I can't bring myself to buy one :(...I'm waiting for a KILLER game before plumping down my cash....(RESIDENT EVIL 5)