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    New Channels 340 (FSFL) and 341 (FSFLHD)

    Surfing for something to watch. I noticed 2 new chnnels in my guide. No info on both. Tune it in and it says "call Voom for upgrade" I have VaVaVoom so I ssume that have not tuned them on yet, or it's Fox Sports Florida and I am in Ohio so I won't get them. Either way there they are.
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    Audio/video breakups in 6.10 and the last OTA channel tuned (Some Fixes here)

    I am curious of anyone is noticing audio dropouts on OTA channels? My Fox, channel 28 was always great before the upgrade. Video is still solid but the audio drops in out constantly. I have not tries a hard boot yet. Will try that tonight when I get home. The signal strength is 99 the same as...
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    New software...

    ;) Same here, keeping my fingers crossed!
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    Voom on a 4:3 (PG sucks!)

    on my 27" SD in the bedroom, the guide sucks as well. I figured it was because that TV is 12 years old. I am using the bad guide as an excuse to buy and HDTV for the bedroom. :D On my 4:3 HDTV thought, with the STB set to native resolution, the guide looks great when I am tuned to an HD...
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    Please help: VOOM SD display on 4:3 TV

    I answered this question in the below post. Any questions? let me know...
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    4:3 Sony and VOOM

    I have the kp53 also. I haven't had any problems with mine. I will PM my e-mail address to you though. I'd like to see the bulletin. DIP, you will love the pic quality. I do on mine.
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    4:3 Sony and VOOM

    I have a 53" sony 4:3. I set the Voom stb to "native" mode. That way the stb follows the progam format. So if it's an SD image the stb goes into SD format. My tv, like yours automaticly switches to 16:9 when it detects the input. This way, SD programs fill the screen, HD programs are in 16:9...
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    Not Vooming yet :(

    I have 6 butt connections where the installer used existing cable to get the signal into the house and to both stb's. My stregnth it 90 and quality is 96. During rain it drops to 70's. I am even shooting thtough a tree. So i don't see how 2 connections can degrade the signal that much unles they...
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    Still 5.68 but sparklies are gone

    TNT, HIST, and COM still have the sparklies. I am still on 5.68 as well. I did notice that last night my authorization code had change to something other than "SWO". For the life of me I can't remeber what it was. Today it's SWO again. Is there anywhere that explains these codes?
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    Good luck, Voomers! (If you don't reboot daily)

    Niether of my 2 boxes has been rebooted since May 26th. No problems either.
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    When did these options get added to the setting?

    yea i kinda figured. :rolleyes: Oh well, whatcha gonna do? Thanks
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    When did these options get added to the setting?

    Ok, The day after getting Voomed, I of course went through every option in the menu. I got the update the first night then went poking around. I thought I had everything memorized as far as what I could tweak. Well. tonight I was just poking around in the system settings. The software version is...
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    Thanks Vurbano I love this site, learn something new every day!
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    I guess im an idiot. what is O&O and HD LIL?
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    How come some channels show

    sorry, that supposed to be STB. Set Top Box. Here is the link on how to set the resolution.
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    How come some channels show

    On your 4:3 TV, set the srb to Native mode. If it's a sd sat channel, it will fill the screen. The OTA's will be framed all around though. HD channels will be widescreen.
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    Help! Anyway to Set Wilt and Dragonldy_mom Up Here?

    I believe there is a way in yahoo, where posts have to be aproved before the are posted. With that type of forum, that is probably the only way to control what make it to the digest or e-mail. I agree it would be better to get Wilt and Dragon_Lady here. But the nature of the diegst and e-mail...
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    Help! Anyway to Set Wilt and Dragonldy_mom Up Here?

    annexmember7 was out of town. That's why the posts kept up. He is the only moderator of the group. Up until now there hasn't been a need. I have ready every post from the first one and there has never been a run away thread like this. Steve176 has been banned and I have volunteered to help...
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    You can't tell me that Voom and Installs, inc don't care

    Just got off the phone with Voom. She was a very nice lady. She was ready to have a manger from Prostar sent out to resolve my issue. I am satisfied with where I am with respect to my OTA's now so I said not to worry about it. She assured be that ction will be taken against the several intallers...
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    You can't tell me that Voom and Installs, inc don't care

    Well after posting my Voom install experience here, I got an e-mail from Voom. I am leaving their names out of the post but her title is "Special Situations Coordinator" and another from E-mail from Installs, Inc his title is...