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    9/13/2012 3:46am - Uplink Activity Report - 24 changes

    Grand What Scott said seems more probable.
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    9/5/2012 4:32pm - Uplink Activity Report - 99 changes

    Surprised to see dish not putting Zee hd in free preview. They kept tv Japan hd in free preview for sometime.
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    8/22/2012 5:02pm - Uplink Activity Report - 142 changes

    Time for dish to provide some Hindi channels in free preview. Specially zeetv they provided tvjapan for quite a while. Also cricket channels haven't been in free preview for more then a year.
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    8/17/2012 1:47pm - Uplink Activity Report - 9 changes

    How is that. PR subs get only 1 Cinemax channel in HD anyway.
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    7/25/2012 9:19pm - Uplink Activity Report - 43 changes

    Alaska & Hawaii get those channels from 129. PR dont get that we are the only ones missing those channels.
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    7/19/2012 4:01am - Uplink Activity Report - 90 changes

    Exactly....I am sure I was getting Ameri HD when it was on free preview. But it appears Dish has finally moved that channel in HD to Conus when PR subs can see also. Even though this channel is not in my package (AT200)...will be welcome to AT250 subs to get it in HD.
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    7/18/2012 2:47pm - Uplink Activity Report - 52 changes

    Already have my concerned noted a while back. Basketball & soccer are both high on my viewing list for Olympic. Let's see if dish move them to 119/110 just before the games.
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    7/19/2012 4:17pm - Uplink Activity Report - 2 changes

    Finally....Dish made available the HD version for PR subs in the correct package ie AT200 onward rather then its old AT250 onward. Only left now is correct mapdown for Starz HD #350 from #4924
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    7/19/2012 4:01am - Uplink Activity Report - 90 changes

    ^^ Encore is already in HD in PR....& I think AMERI is also available in HD (I think I saw it in HD when it was in free preview). But yes...will be nice to see them in HD...if the subs are having the correct package. I will probably get couple in HD only as I am in AT200
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    7/19/2012 4:01am - Uplink Activity Report - 90 changes

    Let see what dish do...although some of those channels were already available for PR subs. Seems like Dish might be consolidating some of these channels...which IMO is good move. No need to have duplicate is on Conus...but it also is on PR spot beam....hence occuping a slot...
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    6/20/2012 5:01am - Uplink Activity Report - 4 changes

    Bye bye cooking channel. Hoping dish put this in at200 package
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    5/16/2012 3:47pm - Uplink Activity Report - 136 changes

    Was exactly my words when it was uplinked sometime back. But we get atleast something. Hoping Dish get us this in HD. BTW...dont know why Dish havent changed the status of CV2 though which was also uplinked at the same time as the PBS. BTW...Nel or anyone have any info when PR local (NBC, FOX...
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    4/18/2012 6:02pm - Uplink Activity Report - 145 changes

    I actually pointed out quite a while ago...that CBS feed on Onelink is much better & in widescreen aspect rather then Dish
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    4/18/2012 6:02pm - Uplink Activity Report - 145 changes

    Palladia might be added to AT200 + packages. But Dish could have given us Science or NAtGo channel in HD 1st. Plus....a request to dish...why dont they add mapdown for Starz HD channel 350. The HD channel is in 4000 range. HBO is mapped down properly & the other Starz channels too.
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    4/18/2012 6:02pm - Uplink Activity Report - 145 changes

    Don't know if WIPR is VME....but finally a proper pBS channel. Was expecting it in HD though. My fatherinlaw will be happy to get CV2. He misses that channel after migrating to dish from onelink.
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    4/6/2012 6:17pm - Uplink Activity Report - 7 changes

    That is unfortunate. Here in PR quite a lot of subs including myself are not interested in Latino packs. We subscribe to dish because of AT packs. But comes a sport channel with "Deportes" in it & it automatically gets in Latino packs. Well I can see something on UDEP.
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    4/6/2012 6:17pm - Uplink Activity Report - 7 changes

    What AT packages. I only see 869 in my at200. Will be good to get 870 also
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    4/6/2012 6:32am - Uplink Activity Report - 1 change

    +1. For PR it's a big deal. Atleast some games which may be on alt channel will be in hd.
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    4/3/2012 6:32am - Uplink Activity Report - 36 changes

    No need. This info was already in another thread at this site shared by other users. Because of that I got hbo & starz added also.