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    4/4/2012 4:17pm - Uplink Activity Report - 161 changes

    WFSG is now listed as ADDED..... how long does it usually take to go to AVAILABLE? Thanks.
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    3/14/2012 4:17pm - Uplink Activity Report - 59 changes

    Thanks..... any idea if/when DISH is going to add another satellite?
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    3/14/2012 4:17pm - Uplink Activity Report - 59 changes

    Scott, Do all areas have the same size beams? In those areas where the beam is full..... Tyler TX, and I assume my area Dothan AL, what would DISH need to do to get us our locals in HD? Stu
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    2/22/2012 5:53pm - Uplink Activity Report - 139 changes

    DISH adding missing markets with no locals in HD...... you crack me up! Just when was the last time DISH did this.....
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    2/15/2012 4:02pm - Uplink Activity Report - 122 changes

    I hear ya...... waiting here as well......sigh...
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    2/1/2012 5:32pm - Uplink Activity Report - 104 changes

    Not to worry..... we here in Dothan AL are doing our part to support the BIG markets by remaining HD free for all our locals. Maybe oneday we will join the Big boys in local HD.
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    5/25/2011 4:46pm - Uplink Activity Report - 37 changes

    Congrats to Bluefield! Hopefully Dothan Al will see there locals in HD before to long.
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    11/17/2010 3:03pm - Uplink Activity Report - 218 changes

    I hear ya!! Now hopefully it won't be to long and DISH could get Dothan Locals in HD...... hey.....I can dream!!
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    11/10/2010 1:02pm - Uplink Activity Report - 8 changes

    I'm also waiting to hear anything about our missing CBS from Dothan AL........ but the silence from DISH is disapointing for those who have been waiting so long.