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    pip basics....

    Does the swap button still work the same as on the 622? How many pips do you get 2 or 3? Can you control the aspect ratio in side by side?
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    Blockbuster to close all 300 remaining stores and distribution centers by end of December 2013 or ea

    Aside from the lack of selection on Netflix streaming, their movies look and sound as good as Blu Rays on my PS3. Maybe more dynamic range on the Blu Ray, but otherwise I'm very happy with Netflix overall. I'm watching it as much as the Dish now that baseball season is over.
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    Dammit Dish.............

    I'm in Fort Collins and the Rockies broadcasts were great for the first month of the season. Suddenly starting this Sunday we haven't had a game in HD since. Supposedly we're going to get a JIP tonight (it's already the 2nd inning now.) I was with Comcast for the past couple of years, and...
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    interested in swithing to Dish

    Why doesn't Dish carry Fox College Sports? Most of the cable carriers in college football territory carry it.
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    PBS, APTS Push FCC on Dish Network HD

    We need PBS (and NPR) so the government isn't allowed to run roughshod over the people. Channels like Fox News are in the business of promoting a pro-business government. We need public broadcasting so we can get a view of the world that isn't influenced by the interests of big business...
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    Hd Dvr

    722 has a switchable mode. You can either have the same thing outputted to both TVs (which is awesome for a single guy like me), or you can have TV1 and TV2 as different outputs. If they are both outputting the same thing you get PIP and can watch one show while recording another. My second...
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    Pixelation problems (normal or signal strength?)

    I've got a 722 and I'm having issues with MSNBC/CNBC and CSPAN having a jerky picture every once in a while. It may be related to how much wind we're getting at the time, though.
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    PBS, APTS Push FCC on Dish Network HD

    I used to watch a lot of pbs, but haven't hardly at all since I switched from Cable (With HD) to Dish. I hope congress forces them to carry it.
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    Speed Hd

    Seriously it's coming in May? It better be... or else hello Dish retention people and DTV new customer line....
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    muuhahahaha Dish is hilarious

    Someone in India read your letter and appreciated your concerns.
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    Is Dishnetwork in last now?

    I agree Speed and TWC are the two that need to be added between now and Feb. Seems to be a lot of sentiment for Sci Fi, but I have rarely watched that in the past.
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    Comcast HD channels on extra charges (Michigan)

    Comcast in Colorado added NFL to the HD package this week. I think I was paying extra for the sports tier, though.
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    AT&T may bid for EchoStar by year's end: Barron's

    And yet another corporate HQ would be leaving Colorado. Hope they don't start axing jobs out here if this goes through, but that's usually how it goes when a company gets acquired.
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    Charlie speaks..... Finally!!!

    DirecTV is getting so many new subs mainly due to their $300 off a new TV promotion, as well as the absolute marketing blitz they have been on. Also 3rd quarter was the start of the NFL season, and you could get Sunday Ticket basically for free as a new sub. That by itself would pull me over...
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    Dish HD Commercials

    I hope they get a deal done with Speed soon.
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    new subscriber question HD

    Yeah I can't figure out why the Office is in standard def on TBS HD. I've seen most of the episodes on DVD anyway, and they look better on 480DVD than they do on NBC on my little 26" LCD. However the picture seemed to be very good during the baseball games, which up till now seems to be their...