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    Milford, CT, Broadcast networks in HD?

    I am currently a Cablevision customer, thinking of making the switch to DirecTV. According to DirecTV's website, the only 3 broadcast networks I can get in HD are CBS, NBC, and FOX. How come no ABC or CW? I currently get these in HD from cable...
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    Anyone using Vista Media Center & STB's?

    Has anyone set up a Vista MCE box & using multiple STB's for recording/viewing live TV? If so, how did you set it up?
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    Planet Earth on DTHD

    I set up my 8300HD to record "First Run" only of Planet Earth on DTHD, but the 3 episodes last night did not show up as going to be recorded. I had to manually add each recording. Anyone else have this issue? The visuals on that program were awe-inspiring. Thank you Cablevision for adding...
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    Which non-premium channels are digital & which are analog?

    Is there anyway to tell which non-premium channels are digital and which are analog? Or are all the channels simulcast in both?
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    FiOS ever coming to Milford CT???

    I currently sub to CableVision for TV, phone, and Internet, but I'm looking for something better. Forget satellite and their silly local channel rules. I don't like AT&T or their UVerse offering, but they are the telco with the francise in town. Are there future plans to get Verizon service in town?
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    OTA reception in north Milford, CT

    Thinking of going OTA for local channels & HDTV. Is there anyone living in my neck of the woods that would kindly share their experiences W.R.T. reception quality, what hardware they use, and where they got it? Thanks.
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    ATSC+QAM PC tuner card question

    Which HD channels will I be able to watch if I get a ATSC tuner card with QAM support? I don't care about the premium channels, I only have iO basic anyway. Which digital channels are encrypted and which aren't? Thanks.
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    Interested in Free-to-Air, a couple of newbie questions

    Hi everyone, I am a former DirecTV subscriber, I switched to cable recently (better hi-def offerings). I still have the 24" oval triple-LNB dish on my roof. Is it possible to use this dish in a free-to-air setup? I imagine re-pointing the dish and/or replacing the LNBs may be involved...