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  1. Cold Winter

    An Ethernet Based Receiver?

    Folks: This will probably interest sponsors here as well ;) Check out this device hdhomerun atsc device My question; Does anybody make a similar device to use as a Sat Receiver??? :confused: I'm thinking an ethernet based device ( perhaps DLNA? ) with V-Box type capability as well...
  2. Cold Winter

    ScrewJacks on Prime Focus Question

    Anyone know if these new 180/240cm dishes with polar mounts have a range of travel when used with a screwjack? I always thought it was around 120 degrees but I can't seem to find ( or I'm just dense ) any specs on that. Anyone know what the figures are? ThankYou.
  3. Cold Winter

    New Twist for This Hobby -- GnuRadio

    Attention folks, ( and suppliers as well I suppose ;) ); Check out this site; GNU Radio This is a software radio ( open source ) that interfaces to various GNURadio specific transceivers including ones that operate in the band pass of your typical FTA LNB :cool: S/W and H/W...
  4. Cold Winter

    CoolSat 7000 Questions

    For those who have hands on, a few questions. How does the BlindScan work? Is it comparable ( inferior/ superior ) to other CoolSats ( 4000thru6000)? How are motor/ switch controls functioning? Are they comparable to other CoolSats ( 4000 thru 6000 )? Also, is there some sort of motor...
  5. Cold Winter

    Positioning a Switch

    Has anyone ever done the following; 1) Position a DisEQc switch outside on the dish ? and 2) Put the DisEQc switch between the motor and LNB ? Icebergs missive on the quad invacom lnb has me studying again:eek: ( you troublemaker you:devil: )
  6. Cold Winter

    Time Signal From G10R

    Since I spend most of my time on G10R, I'll focus this on that satellite. Whne I set my VS2000 o that satellite, I see that the time signal seems either a couple of minutes off, or a good deal more than that. Also, I notice the onscreen channel display also displays what appears to be local to...
  7. Cold Winter

    ViewSat Blind Scan

    Gents: Heres my situation. I have the ViewSat platinum which I upgraded to the latest manufacturer firmware ( the old stuff was flaky on motor control ), hooked up to a STAB120 supporting a Fortec 120cm dish with an InvaCom Univeral LNB ( single tail ). Theres about 250' of 60% RG6U in...
  8. Cold Winter

    Viewsat & STAB120

    I flashed my platinum, and got signal and quality bars that I didn't have on the original firmware. But I find the USALS stuff still seems flaky on my STAB120, although that just may be me. Definitely drives the motor in other modes. Tell me Gizzer, how do you track your dish movement? It...
  9. Cold Winter

    ViewSat Issues

    I picked up a ViewSat 2000 Platinum unit and started going at it. I have a few issues:confused: maybe some of you gents can help me with. 1) Who or where is AMC 3,4,5 up to about 9 ( among others ) located??? When I fire up Orbitron ( a handy piece of freeware ), and load up current NASA...
  10. Cold Winter

    Grounding Blocks

    Gents: I'm looking at all the connectors on the 75 ohm cable between the LNB and receiver. I count 7 on the dish mast and 3 in the house, for a total of 10! I have a 275' run from the dish mast to the house. I'd like to delete the grounding block at the dish, and use my all metal...
  11. Cold Winter

    Tilted Pole ( newbie question alert ;)

    Another newbie :o question for you Folks, I have an old 2.5" sched 80 steel pole in the back yard that is not exactly plumb. Its off maybe .5 degrees to the west. If I mount a STAB 120 units to that pole is there any handy way to simply plumb the stab units frame??? Sure beats trying...
  12. Cold Winter

    Blind Scan

    I'm new here and have been doing some reading up on the forums. I have a newbie question. It seems that Blind Scan is a favoured feature on most of the main sat boxes. Reading IceBergs recommendations, I get the idea the CoolSat4000 is probably the best of the consumer boxes. OTOH, He...