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    811 Component and DVI

    mdonnelly, Do you have the DVI connected to your Sony and component connected to your Philips? And do you have both TVs on at the same time? I was just wondering if both hookups are used and one device is on and the other not, it just uses the port that is active. Thanks.
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    DP Quad LNBF w/Dish Pro Plus 44

    What? Is this true and for why?
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    811 Component and DVI

    Caesar may be correct. Although the manual says that using one deactivates the other, I read that others have tried both and they work at the same time. I have not tried it, so you may want to experiment.
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    811 Component and DVI

    If you are hooked into the DVI port, the component port is deactive. So, you would have to unplug the one while watching the the other. You could use the RCA to send SD to the other TV.
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    dish size

    I edited my earlier post.
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    dish size

    Is your LNB a dual (I bracket, one orbital location)or a Twin(Y bracket, 110,119)? If it is a Twin, the only other equipment you will need is a HD TV. Current HD programming comes off the 110. If it is a dual, you need a Twin.
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    522 and signal strength

    Does anyone know what the scale on signal level screen indicates. Do you use it to determine your signal strength percentage? (ex: 100/125 = 80%) Could you ever get a signal level at 125? What is the lowest signal you could get a lock on? Also, why is there a difference between the signal...
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    522 hookup question

    A DPP Twin is about $100. A DPP Separator is $10. If you go with this setup, you will have portability for a intl dish(61.5 or 148) and a free port for a second DPP dual tuner rec and separator or a DP single tuner (or legacy rec without DP adapter). If you grow beyond this, a DPP 44 Switch...
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    DP Quad LNBF w/Dish Pro Plus 44

    Thank you Boba. I better pay attention to details before I act like I know what I am talking about.
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    PLEASE help with new 105 superdish

    I do not know if this will help, but I heard you should hook up the 119 on port 1, 110 on port 2, 105 on port 3. You should also hook the the receiver with the shortest cable run to port 1, this line powers the 34 switch. Good luck.
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    DP Quad LNBF w/Dish Pro Plus 44

    And if you ever need to add a receiver, (you never know), you can hook the 721 to the DPP44 switch with one line and a separator, then hook the receiver line you took off the switch directly to the 3rd port on the Quad, and this will free up the 4th port for a new rec. Just a thought.
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    522 hookup question

    If you can get a DPPlus Dual and DPPlus Separator the job is made easier by requiring only one line to the 522. You can then diplex the tv signal back to get to TV2. You have options, so when you get the equipment, just post what you have to start with and we can help you hook it up. Good luck.
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    Can I do this? 2 sat boxes off 1 cable line

    How many receivers do you have? If you only have the 811 and 501, then you most likely have a Twin LNBF with ports for two cables. I am assuming you had the 501 hooked up in another room.? If so you could still have the 501 at the other TV and mirror it back to the 811 TV with diplexers. The...
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    Newbie Dish 500 & Dish 300 Hookup Question.

    Just out of curiosity, since he has only one receiver, what would happen if he connected the "to rec" port on the sw21 from the Dish500 to Sat 1 on a new sw21 and connected the line coming from the Dish300 line to Sat 2 on the new sw21 and the out of the new sw21 was the line running to the one...
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    Need Help

    I have encountered this problem on several occasions. I believe that it was not the distance as much as the building materials in between the receiver and TV2. Here is what I do: At the back of the receiver, I remove the antenna. I make two small cable jumpers (12"). I connect one jumper to...
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    522 and cable

    It is my understanding that the frequency of the of the TV2 signal is in the range of the cable frequencies so I do not believe your setup would work. Diplexers are use when sending cable frequencies(lower) with sat frequencies(higher). Any signal after the receiver is lowered.
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    Problems with the 522?

    I agree. I have installed many 522s and I find myself usually installing the receiver where it is more convenient to me, the installer, (ex: near a phone connection, easier to bring in second sat feed) and not more convenient to the customer (ex: using the cable junction box for future...
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    Question about install...

    You will only need a Superdish if your locals are not on the 110/119 birds. In San Diego, my locals are at 119, therefore I only need the Dish500. You could also use a Superdish if you subscribe to American and International channels.
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    522 menu key words different

    I recently installed a 522 system and while doing customer ed, I noticed some of the menu words where different (ex: timers was called something else in DVR menu). Would something like this be done through a software upgrade or is this something done to a newer 522 model? Thanks.
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    Question about satellite installation...

    The 522 is a DVR dual-tuner receiver used to operate two TVs independently in dual mode or one TV in PIP using single mode. Just be aware that the receiver must be plugged into a phone line to use the PPV, billing, etc, via the remote. If it is not plugged into the phone line, a $5 a month...