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    Dish Cover?

    Hi Guys, I live in beautiful CT where we are in the beginning of getting an historical 6 or more inches of wet heavy snow. there is about a 1/2 in on the ground and on the bottom of my dish that is on the roof and, you guessed it, I have complete signal loss. This also happened Thurs. when we...
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    New to HD have a question Please.

    Hi Guys, New to HD and trying to comprehend the whole recording thing. I have just made an appointment for upgrade to HD. They are coming tomorrow to swap out my duel dvr with a vip722k and see if they need to do other stuff with the dish and stuff. I know the dvr has 500g. From what I...
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    Need Help Please

    I posted this in technical questions but wanted to post it here too. I have never posted here and I could use some help. 4 years ago this May, I got rid of Dish. I had NO signal on 110 but great signal on 119. After several calls to Dish ( who did nothing by the way) I was told it was because...