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  1. Davedirectv

    Why Would an Installer Do This?

    how does he get past swm not showing up in IV test? ISS will not issue a waiver for this.
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    Humming and white lines

    I would check the electrical outlet...just my thought.
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    scoreboard question

    Just hit the red button to clear it off, and that will allow you to bring it back up again.
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    Cancelled Installation

    He's "picky"....that's why. :confused: this is just another Fanboy posting in the Directv section, because of the recent programing changes to Dish, he feels the need to point out something that dish is doing right. It's a troll.
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    Directv CEO on Undercover Boss this Sunday.

    Watch Undercover Boss on Full Episodes, Clips and Behind the Scenes footage. Set your DVR's folks, they're advertising that he offends a customer :o:D.
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    DirecTV could lose G4 (Removed 11-1)

    xplay is the only show on g4 i ever watched. and it seems like management has a certain way they want everyone to act, and it's nothing really impressive if you ask me.
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    Current Setup

    It is my recommendation that you stop trying to figure this, you are all over the map on this one. You didn't even mention that you have an HR-24 until post 6.
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    Current Setup

    your PI21 only has one connections, correct? if that's the case, (some pi21 were manufactured like that), your box should be getting it's signal from another source. DO NOT spliltter off that pi21 if it only has one feed and says power to swm. you will ruin your box. find the signal feed and...
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    Local channels on DTV

    why not?
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    Current Setup

    Does the HR-21 have a receiver deca connected to the coax and plugged into the ethernet port? You would need a BB deca hooked up to your router and split via coax into your swm system, for internet connectivity.
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    How long can I delay signing paper work?

    Personally I would take the attitude of working with the installer to make sure things are done right and the way you want and expect. Don't come off as fighting against him or defensively taking a stance on what you want...even if that's what you want and rightfully so. 9 times out of 10 the...
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    What can I do?

    Sounds like you are fed up and done with Directv and their equipment. So if you aren't ready to pay the ETF then some options you might have are: 1. Request them to replace your box. 2. Buy an HR-24. As far as rain fade goes, that's life with satellite, sounds like the wife is more annoyed by...
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    Directv and HBO blame game ....

    My son has pointed this out to me as well on some movies, he has an eye for those type of things. I only have HBO for the Entourage and Hung season, now that it's over, I'm looking at my options. Depending on that new Mafia/Prohibition series, Empire something, I might just cancel my movie...
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    Not Getting HD Channels on DirecTV

    :( Must of missed that in his post.
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    Not Getting HD Channels on DirecTV

    :up As for the original poster. Make sure you have you BBC's on the box: Google Image Result for That should bring your HD satellites in for you(99,103). No more HD on the 119, and 110. If that doesn't do the trick, you either...
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    channel not purchased message on 703 Try a resend authorization. It's coming up on my boxes, says "Coming Up Next: NFL Sunday Ticket Only On Directv" otherwise you have to call them.
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    Sunday Ticket discounts

    Yikes, imagine that!