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    S225 came out today

    I must have received it this morning didn't. notice it till 6:00pm. don't push this update out, it reset everything on the hopper.
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    S223 is out

    Got a new software update. Anyone else get this?
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    Fox files Injunction,0,7158323.story this isnt good
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    Fox is so silly

    So fox said no more hopper advertising on there channels....but i live in southern California and like to listen to am 570 fox sports radio throughout the day. Wouldn't you know it, i hear hopper commercials. Fox your so silly.
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    Parental locks

    If i record an R rated movie, I noticed that the joey which is locked in my sons room can easily access the R rated movie no problem. I haven't tried butting it in a folder which i think you can protect it with a pin number. but this is a huge flaw in my opinion.
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    Joeys look terrible on SD tvs

    Have any of you guys seen this. The guide is almost unreadable. The picture doesn't look bad though.
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    Hopper apps

    what kind of apps will be on the hopper and I'm just gonna ask because i don't no but will the apps be on the joey as well?