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    Splitting a signal

    If you'll be using the HR10-250, keep in mind that HDMI and component video are not active at the same time. Realizing that the remote TV is just an analog set you're probably not planning on using component anyway. That leaves the composite/S-video outputs (the HR10-250 doesn't have RF out)...
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    Dual LNB

    No, each DVR is treated as one receiver whether you have one tuner connected or two.
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    Hr 10-250

    You only really need the phone connection for the initial set up, so you can just run the phone line for the set-up and then disconnect it. It will continue to operate without being continuously connected but you won't be able to get software updates (actually, the software updates come down...
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    Questions on multiswitches

    You'll only need a diplexer at the receiver locations where OTA is required, otherwise you can connect the cable directly and receive the sat signal only (the OTA signal will be ignored by the receiver). Yes, it'll work with the 3 LNB dish.
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    HR10-250 Output Format Question

    Absolutely, I do it all the time.
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    Need Help with Polaroid FLM2632 and Hughes/DirecTV remote codes

    Try the Mitsubishi codes.....good luck.
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    Another DVR issue

    My DSR-7000 had two listings for last night's episode of Two and a Half Men. One had a duration of 0 minutes, the other was 21 minutes (the 1st 9 minutes were missing). My HR10-250 recorded the show in it's entirety from the OTA channel.
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    Hd Dvr

    If you can't find one at Walmart you can get the R10 here:
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    One Line Split for Finished Basement

    No, you can't split the line, it won't work, you'll need to run another cable. The only other option is a stacker/destacker system which will cost you around $300. More info here:
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    DVR Question

    Yes, diplexors can be used that way......use one downstairs to combine the RF output of the DVR with the sat line and another one upstairs to separate the two signals.
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    DVR Question

    If you're already connecting the DVR to the TV downstairs via coax you'll need to split the line from the RF output and run another coaxial cable to the room upstairs. However, if your downstairs' TV has composite, or better yet, an S-video input you should use that type of connection instead...
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    Newbie HD Question

    You'll automatically get the HD version if you're already subscribing to locals.....nothing else to purchase.
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    Have R15 Receiver/DVR, can I add HD receiver

    Sure, just connect the HD receiver to another input on your TV (component or HDMI/DVI) and then switch between the two inputs depending on what you want to view.
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    Installers: Alternative to Diplexing a line with 5LNB dish

    If you're trying to get another line to the 2nd floor, tape two additional lines to the end of the existing line (in the basement), then pull from the 2nd floor.....if there's enough room for two lines to fit in the opening that the one line currently occupies you'll end up with 2 new lines...
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    First post: Pertains to adding a DVR...

    Right, the two outputs from the dish connect to the two inputs of the multiswitch giving you 4 outputs, enough for two DVRs if you decide to replace your existing standard receiver with a 2nd DVR.
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    First post: Pertains to adding a DVR...

    Although your dish only has a single LNB, if it's only 5 years old it's most likely a dual output single LNB. If that's the case, all you need to do is run a 2nd line from the LNB and then connect both lines to the two sat inputs of one of your 3x4 multiswitches......then run two of the outputs...
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    DirecTV introducing new DVR tomorrow 10/9

    They're not available yet - BB is showing them on their website as 'Coming Soon'. It will come with a new access card.
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    Homebuilt dual-destacker

    Cool, please post back again after you get it up and running....I'm sure others will find the info useful. Good luck.
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    Directivo Help

    The HD receiver can be set up to receive sat A only if you want......just be sure to tell it during set-up that you're using a round dish so that it won't look for a signal from sats B & C.
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    Directivo Help

    Any outputs from a 2x4 multiswitch will only be able to acess Sat A. In order to increase the number of outputs that can acess all three sats you'll need to connect all 4 lines from the dish to a CASCADABLE 4x8 (or 5x8) multiswitch. If you tell the DTiVo during set-up that it's connected to...