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  1. sundude90

    HR-34 Slowness Issue

    Is there anyway to get them to upgrade the HR34 to the HR44? The speed issues with the HR34 have been going on for several months now and has gotten way worse in the past few weeks. I am very tempted to just switch to DISH if this issues isn't resolved very soon. This is very frustrating.
  2. sundude90

    2013 DirecTV Packages - Including Family, Select & Grandfathered

    It says Choice extra classic is No Longer available, but I thought that was a new package. Posted Using The New SatelliteGuys Reader App!
  3. sundude90

    DirecTV 99 Odd Transponder Issues

    I had the same issue on all Satellites and it was a Barrel connector.
  4. sundude90


    Happy New Year everyone!
  5. sundude90

    MRV - Scheduling Recordings across DVR's?

    I believe this was tested in CE a long time ago. It was dropped a while later, not sure why. I think its because some of the HR receivers had issues with it due to some being older, but not sure.
  6. sundude90

    Why do I have to reboot my HR34 every 4 to 5 days??

    I had a similar at the Apartment I live at. I would randomly get pixelation and then no signal in the evening. Reboot fixed it until the following night. The tech was confused by the issue, as his meter showed no issues. He fixed it by replacing two barrel connectors, then he replaced the...
  7. sundude90

    AM21N + HR34 Question (Shared Channels w/ other Receivers - Whole Home)???

    The C31's are really new on the market, so they are still tweaking them. However there is pro and cons to each method.
  8. sundude90

    Multiple HR2x's vs HR34 and whole home DVR

    I would go with a HR34. Hooking your existing setup together with Ethernet and trying to get Whole Home might not work that, as its not designed to work that way, however you can try it.
  9. sundude90

    Anybody know what these are in the guide?

    You beat me to it Iceberg. It means that there is a Video On Demand channel for this channel. VOD is the same channel but with a 1 in front of it, so 1204 instead of 204
  10. sundude90

    A little advice for cancelling or changing an existing order.

    What's the difference having a H24 or H25 as a Client for a HR34 or the new C31? Is one cheaper or better?
  11. sundude90

    Which satellite do I use?

    From what I have been told if you Locals are in HD, and you can receive HD then you don't need the 5LNB setup to receive 119. Since my locals are in HD, and I have all HD Receivers, then I don't need 119.
  12. sundude90

    Which satellite do I use?

    So do you need 119 to get this Music Stations or are they available on the other Satellites.
  13. sundude90

    Which satellite do I use?

    You don't need 110 & 119. Their new LNB's only do 99,101 & 103. I guess their is hardly any programming on 110 & 119, expect for international.
  14. sundude90

    An ALMOST convert from Dish

    I just switched from Dish, and ordered through Fairpoint, so I could get my bundle deal. When I called into directv after placing the order they added the HMC Receiver for $99. $300 is for existing customers.
  15. sundude90

    Bangor, ME will lose 2 locals Midnight

    Sorry. I am in Bar Harbor. I haven't updated my sig yet.
  16. sundude90

    Bangor, ME will lose 2 locals Midnight

    I am getting Directv installed tomorrow. I hope they resolve this soon, or I can get the NY CBS Station. I need my CBS.
  17. sundude90

    Thinking about the switch

    Stay with Dish. I switched to Dish & it's actually cheaper per month when all the promotions run out.
  18. sundude90

    FREE Center Ice due to Versus contract Dispute

    I tried that a couple week ago, and couldn't get any kind of sympathy or support. The lady was very rude, after I complained about the loss of Versus. So I canceled my Directv service, and went with Dish Network, and have versus free till November. So far the HD Quality is better on Dish for all...
  19. sundude90

    R22-200 into a HD/DVR

    I finally got it to work. I had to Unplug my Receiver for 2 min's and then it worked. Josh
  20. sundude90

    R22-200 into a HD/DVR

    Yes, I did do a Red Button reset. I few people have told me, that HD will NOT work if add HD access after downloading the Software. is that true? Josh