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    HD reception in Guanajuato

    I have a pal who lives in Guanajuato, Mexico. Latitude 20N, Longitude 100W, roughly. Can he see an HD satellite for Dish on his horizon? He is a Dish customer and is getting the SD channels. His billing address is Laredo. I think if he bought a Dish receiver/DVR he could get HD if his antenna...
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    DirecTV v. Dish

    I just discovered that the DVR will not work with the SD television. To record for the SD set requires two DVR's. I will have to purchase another..out of the pan and into the fire. My wife is furious at me for making the change...and with a twenty four month commitment.
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    DirecTV v. Dish...

    I just cancelled Dish for DirecTV. The installation was yesterday. If receiving OTA channels is important to you, the current DirecTV DVR has no provision for an outside antenna. Therefore I cannot receive my locals OTA omitting the best pc and the HD signal from my PBS station. I must...
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    Dish Channel 501 HD VOD 1080p

    I watched the earlier posted film in 1080p ("I Am Legend") and it looked pretty good. I decided to take a look at Speed Racer this am, but Dish is saying my 22 months old 40" Samy is "not compatable with this event". Is there a change in format between "I Am Legend" and "Speed Racer" or this...
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    Channel 73 Barack Obama's Plan for America

    For all of you Obama fans, as a substitute for the Voom Channels, Dish Network has brought us the Obama channel. I'm going to spend a lot of time watching! Enjoy Channel 73.
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    new software for 622

    Has anyone received the 1080p/channel 501 software?
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    How Dish's 1080p is going to work... guide shows no Channel 501 and the TSR's say I must have a 722 instead of my 622. Is that correct? They want $75.00 up front to make the exchange. You get so many differerent answers from each rep I'm looking for help confirming the 722 bit...
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    Playstation 3 picture quality v. stand alone BD player

    Anyone have an opinion about this...?
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    Stand Alone Blue-Ray or Playstation3

    I have reached the conclusion that a Playstion3 is superior to a stand alone Blu-Ray player since it can be used as a media center as well as play Blu-Ray discs and has equal picture quality. The recent anouncement that Sony is ready to download movies to Playstation3 via the internet is the...
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    My Samsung 40" 1080P

    I just purchased Samsung LN-T4061F from Circuit City after my old Zenith C34W23 34" died Friday. It fits perfectly without the stand in the old cavern in which the Zenith CRT resided. I am using component video cable from my Dish HD Receiver/DVR and the picture is not very crisp and not as good...
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    ipod car stereo interface...

    Anybody buy one of these devices lately? I'v heard the FM transmitters can give trouble and the way to go is to get a casette interface. Would love some advice....
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    Fox SW Sports HD

    Any idea when we might expect programming on 366? Nothing yet except an nice Dish HD logo in HD.
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    Significant stories about Dish

    My impression is that no signifcant news has come out in the last 90 days about Dish Network programming. If that is not the case let me know what forum members believe I have missed....
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    622 "Lock up" question

    My 622 locks up sometimes twice an evening. The picture freezes and volume stops. Is there anyway to return to normal functions without rebooting?
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    Downloading HD Movies with a Digital Media Receiver

    Rather than buy an HD DVD player, I would like to download HD movies from the internet using PC combined with a digital media receiver in conjuction with my Zenith C34W23 34" HD TV or my 622 HD DVR. My Zenith has no HDMI provision. Is this a realistic plan?
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    DirecTv HD Service For Mexico

    I have a friend who lives 150 miles north of Mexico City. Is an English language DirecTV HD service available to him?
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    Dish and Fox SW HD

    Our friends subscribing to DirecTV are receiving Fox SW in HD. Does anyone know if Dish has plans to offer this to Dish subscribers as part of the HD package? My wife, an ardent Ranger fan, is smirking at me about this.
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    622 Downloading(uploading)

    I have some great videos stored on the hard disc drive of my 622 that I would like to share with some of my sailing pals. If you're a sailor, Hard Water at WorldSport Channel, is fantastic. Is there anyway to download them to a laptop so they can be shown some where else other than my HD TV set?
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    software updates

    I noticed somewhere that both the HD and SD sets used with the 622 must be off to receive softwear updates during the night. My wife watches SD late and never seems to get the the STB turned off when she turns off the TV. Have I missed any important stuff over the last thirty days?
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    Dish/Sky options in Mexico

    I have a friend who lives in Mexico who is interested in obtaining HD programming. Anyone out there know what his options are for obtaining English language broadcasts in HD?