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    :hatsoff: Trick or Treat, Saudon's deals are really neat.
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    Superdish Repoint Kit Available Yet??

    I am presently using a 121 Superdish. I have an LNB for 129 that I added on mad scientist style to get Voom. I still have an 811 receiver so I am not getting any of the mpeg4 channels. I want to upgrade to HD Bronze. I will get a new receiver when I upgrade and I assume they will change the dish...
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    Has any tried using a SuperDish in place of a Dish 1K for better 129 performance?

    Hi, I added 129 onto my 121 Superdish and I get almost as good of a signal on 129 as I get on 119. The extra LNB is just tied on with wire ties for now. I will build a proper mounting bracket when it warms up. I am in Wisconsin if that makes any difference. Check out the thread below for more...
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    Best way to add VOOM?

    "I think you've got it - except that the 119/121 LNB is NOT referred to as a "Twin"." Yes, I found that out after I posted the previous. But you knew what I meant. Now I just need to scrounge up the parts. Thanks to everyone for all your help. Bye
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    Best way to add VOOM?

    I looked thru the old post but I couldn't find a picture or explanation of what goaliebob did with the popsicle stick. If he tweaked the 121 LNB over so it got 129 I can't do that cause my locals are on 121. Also, my dish seems to be backwards from the way most of the superdish setups are. I...
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    Best way to add VOOM?

    Thanks BFG. Is there someplace to get the Y adapter they use on the Dish 1000 to mount both LNBs? Maybe I need to hunt around on E-bay. Buy a whole dish for parts? What about a directv LNB, will that work with this setup? Thanks for your help, Bruce
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    Best way to add VOOM?

    Hi all, I want to add VOOm to my setup. I called Dish but they told me I need a Dish 1000 or another dish. I presently have a SuperDish with a DP34 pointed at 110, 119, and 121. I have two receivers, a 811 and a 311. What is the best way to set this up? The Dish 1000 alone can't do it cause I...