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    Whole Home Service

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the help.
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    Whole Home Service

    That is not what customer service told me. They said that I could view a recorded show at the set with the HD receiver but that I could not initiate recording. They said that the only way to initiate a recording from the second set would be to have an HDDVR at both sets. I want to be able to...
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    Whole Home Service

    OK, I took the plunge and ordered Direct TV today including Whole Home Service. Will be one HDDVR and one HD receiver. My question is this: can the set connected to the HD receiver schedule (initiate) a recording or do all recordings have to be initiated at the set with the HDDVR?
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    We're looking into Direct TV. I have several questions but when i talk with customer service I get a different answer each time that I call. Located in the western suburbs of Chicago and have 1 HD and 3 STD sets. the HD and one of the STD are used heavily. The other two sets are used very...
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    Southern Sky

    What is meant by a clear view of the southern sky? How low in the sky is needed? Is this something that can only be answered by a technician on site (I'm too old to climb on the roof). Thanks.