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    Dishnetwork Internet

    How does the Dish internet work. Do they install a special antenna.
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    OTA -4K Tv

    Hey People! As many of you already know. These new TVs do not have an RF connector to outdoor antenna. My Question how would I connect the antenna to these type of new Televisions. Thanks!
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    Which VPN service do you have. And are you happy with it. So many choices, not sure which I should go with.
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    Ham License

    How hard is the Technician license to pass?
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    6ft C-band Dish

    I know it is hard to even find Dealers anymore. Would like to get a 6ft Black Wire Mesh Dish. Not sure how good it would work in my area.
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    2 year program

    If you sign up for promotional 2 yr, are you required to use auto pay. I would like to receive my bill every month, and send payment.
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    Blocking Channels

    I am thinking about getting, Dish. How much more for each additional receiver, for 3 more rooms. Also, how would I Block from anyone ordering PPV and Movies. Thanks!
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    HH Motors Ku

    So what is average price for a New motors these days. Saw Moteck going for $1299.00. Anyone buy the Chinese Brands?
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    Antenna Aiming using tv

    So, how many people here use a tv to help align outdoor antenna.
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    c-band manufactures

    Looks like all C-band Dish Dealers, Manufactures are gone.! I did a Google search, came up with nothing.
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    Scan 91w and 99w

    Hello Folks! Which transponders on Ku are strong for aiming my Geosat Pro 96cm. I will be doing it Manually, Dishpointer is Very good for general Aiming. Thanks!
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    Smallest C-Band Dish

    As you can see I live in California zip code 95388. Currently have geosat 96cm. Would like to get C-Band, But I have restrictions since I live in a Gated Community. What would be the Smallest dish I could use. Interested in 97W, 113W,
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    Spanish Stations

    Anyone know any Spanish Feeds that are opened. Especially feeds from mexico.
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    Dish DVR

    Can you subscribe to Dish, and request not dvr? I am not into recording.
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    Dish Internet?

    What method is used for their 4g internet? Is another dish used. I noticed a neighbor has 2 dishes on his roof.
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    compression connectors

    Here is my dilema, I have this 18awg quad cable CL2. It was purchased from Monoprice. I have tried different Connectors. Thomas/Bett rg6 , ppc ex6-12 Xl. The problem I cannot slide the connector over the Black Sheating. Its like it is too thick for the outer ring of the connector. Anyone...
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    Birddog v2.5

    Is this Meter obsolete? Are any of you guys still using it. Can it be updated to current satellite list.
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    Meter for swm installs.

    I know the the super buddy, and birddog can find DTV swm. Are these the only 2 meters to accomplish this. Kind of expensive, ok for guys doing this every day. Anyone use a First Strike Meter, or similar for this task?
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    Dish 1000.2

    Hello guys, I have a friend who lives in Beaverdale, Pa 15921 He is having problems with his setup, of course he cannot find 119. He mentioned he can get 110. I looked at dishpointed and it has this for setup: Elevation: 24.4° Azimuth (true): 236.9° Azimuth (magn.): 249.9° Dish Skew...
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    Debit or Credit Card?

    With the promos, can you use a Debit Card? Also, does contract request Auto Pay.