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    List DVR Recordings by Episode on Dish Anywhere?

    I recently upgraded to a Hopper with Sling - previously had a 722K. It is oftentimes hard to locate a certain recorded show in Dish Anywhere because all of the episodes of a particular show are grouped by season. I don't care what season it is. Is there a way to list recordings by episode in...
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    722k going to "Partial Signal Loss" at random

    My random partial signal loss was caused by a bad cable connector (inside the house). Found and fixed by a Dish tech. This was after he checked for obstructions and the dish alignment on the roof I have a 722k.
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    Remote Access Frustration

    Out of the blue My DVR is working again. Was going thru the guide (on TV) then all of the sudden it was if the power went off and the receiver reset/rebooted. I tried My DVR about 10 mins later and now works! Coincidence? I wonder how long it will keep working. I previously tried unplugging the...
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    Remote Access Frustration

    I have never been able to log-in via DISH.SLING.COM. I tried your suggestion and it still would not accept my e-mail account. I use to get to the Dish Remote Access (DRA) log-in screen. "My DVR" quit working 2 days ago. DRA, including "My DVR", has worked before. I have been...
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    Redeeming Coupons

    It is not clear to me how to redeem coupons. I ordered Avatar 2 nights ago via the phone and was never prompted for the coupon number (unless I blew right thru the options and missed it). Am I missing something? Now I cannot use it for the movie already ordered.
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    Remote Access Frustration

    As of today I can no longer use DRA. Worked fine for ~3 weeks since I first signed up with Dish. The CSR suggested it may be a website problem. (?) (Yes I went thru all the drills of diagnostics, reset connection, unplugged the Homeplug Ethernet, reset the modem and router, etc.).
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    Poor Quality on 2nd (SD) TV

    I have had HD on 1 TV (family room) and SD on another TV (bedroom) for over 2.5 years with cable. I just had Dish installed on Friday. The TV with HD is better than ever... no question a better picture than cable. However the quality on the SD TV is really poor, almost unbearable to watch...