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    DISH -VS- VOOM - A Settlement has been reached!

    Maybe Voom will win millions and Dish, rather than pay will relaunch some channels. Pipe dream i know but i miss those Voom channels.
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    Dish and ESPN

    When do Direct and Dish current contracts with ESPN end? If Direct comes to a new agreement before Dish it will put pressure on dish to do the same. I would love to see all the ESPN channels in the sports pack but i doubt that would ever happen. ESPN wants their main 2 channels to be seen by...
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    MLB network

    Ive been watching this thread and wanted to throw in my two cents. I for one am ecstatic that dish added this channel. I did not thing there was a chance in H that this would happen. No alternate channel as of yet but we got the main channel. This off-season we will enjoy the great...
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    Dish Said to Plan Blockbuster Rival to Netflix

    Dish needs to be able to use this streaming through their VIP receivers and sign contracts with the numerous 3rd party devices that currently stream Netflix, ie PS3, Xbox, Wii, blu-ray players, Roku, Boxee etc. When they get to that point they will have a formidable alternative to Netflix...
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    MLB network

    Thanks Dish for adding this channel. This has been #1 on my list of channels to be added for years. Now just bring back Voom, namely the Monster Channel and Treasure and i believe your lineup would blow away Direct on every front except for Sunday Ticket (which is VERY overpriced at $300 PLUS...
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    Blockbuster Deals for Existing Dish Customers

    With the Neflix increase I think Dish should look into starting a Blockbuster streaming service on their new VIP receivers. Netflix has a foothold on streaming with all the devices they have deals with but dish has what, 13 million homes who could buy the service? If they offered it at a nice...
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    Hard Drive Bargain Watch

    possibly off topic-can you hook up ps3 or a dvd player with a hard drive? Can u hook up a PS3 or a LG blu ray player that has a internal hard drive to a 622 and then "dump" programming onto it from the 622 and play it back?
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    Free PPV Coupons from Dish Network

    I recently looked on my account and noticed i HAD 2 coupons but they went un-used and expired. Am i SOL or can i get them renewed?
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    Fox Contracts with other providers Does anyone know when their contracts expire with Direct? Comcast? Cablevision? Cox? if they re-up with those without a dispute it will look bad for Charlie. Hockey has started and Basketball will shortly. Here in Oklahoma we have been shut out on our local...
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    19 channels gone from the sports pack-how much is that pack going for now? Oh let me guess its still $7.99
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    Dish Could Be Droping More Channels Soon

    the thing is that's A LOT of channels to disappear of a package in one shot. There is a lot of college football games that would be affected. Dish would have to reduce the price of the sports pack if that many networks were be taken from the package.
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    Dish Could Be Droping More Channels Soon

    when i log into the fox site- get what you pay is says i am in danger of losing Fox MIDWEST , my local fox channel and FX. But i live in 74003 and also get Fox SW and the sports pack. Will i lose ALL the fox sports channels or just the in market ones?
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    new ESPN channels launching-will dish get them?

    I read that ESPN has new channels Goal Line (for NCAA football) and Buzzer Beater (for NCAA basketball) launching this season. Both of these are similar to NFL Red Zone in that they will have highlights and live look-ins. The Goal Line will air only once a week (saturday). Time Warner got...
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    Platinum HD

    and can u drop down a package-say from 250 to 200 and keep the free hd?
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    new subscriber deals got worse

    Noticed in the last few weeks they took the HD for life off all the packs except the premier one. What was $7 for DVR service is now $17 a month for DVR and HD. Guess i will wait to switch from dish. Currently i pay $82 a month for americas top 250 with HD, the HD extra pack, and the sports ...
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    DISH -VS- VOOM - A Settlement has been reached!

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    Its Not Just Dish...

    If Disney wants to get the dispute ended one way or another why don't they quit "Mickey Mousing" around and go ahead and pull Espn and Espn 2 HD from Dish's lineup. That way they will lose $15 million subscribers (homes and business's). One side would cave in quick! lol
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    RE: Sports Pack

    on Dish Network the past season i got the replays of the same night NHL games both in and out of market. Off season games have been blacked out
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    Have Dish-want direct-Dish want fee to remove dish

    wow like what if someone is scared of heights, doesnt have a ladder capable of reaching OR god forbid is handicapped.
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    Have Dish-want direct-Dish want fee to remove dish

    I have dish HD service with a 622 and a single dish 1000 dish. Dish wants 99 bucks to come out and remove this dish. I would like direct to stick the new dish where this dish network dish is mounted. I don't know much about removing the dish myself so will direct do this for me? I think i"ll...