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  1. pmb1010

    fox business news? you getting it?

    can't find the new fox business news channel on Time Warner Buffalo NY area lineup. Do you have it? If you do - is it on the lower (2-99 analog tier) or upper (100-999) digital tier?
  2. pmb1010

    Slaved analog C band receiver, need to "simulate" actuator

    I bought an old C/Ku band analog receiver. I have it slaved off of a Lifetime Ultra's IF passthru ouput port, so I get the raw C or Ku signal from it, and use it to change H/V polarity. I expect to delete out all the old sats from the analog receiver, and will probably end up setting up 3 or...
  3. pmb1010

    Houston Tracker 5, no remote how do I

    Houston Tracker 5 (actually, its a clone - "Legend" C & Ku band receiver). It's stuck in Ku band. There are only 2 satellites programmed into it that I can find from front buttons, they are both Ku band. If I try to move left or right, I get "no more sats east" and "no more sats west". This...
  4. pmb1010

    The Honeymoon

    An inexperienced new groom is nervous about his first night with his new wife. He enlists the help of his friend (and best man). His friend suggests in order to help him out, is that he will hide in the bathroom. When the time comes to consumate the marriage, if he is unsure on what to do, that...