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    Welcome Pack Eligibility

    I was a Dish customer for over 8 years before I cancelled 2 months ago because of the lengthy contract dispute. Now I'm considering coming back with the Welcome Pack. When I called today to ask about this, they said the lowest package I could sign up for as a "new" customer was the Smart Pack...
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    Bundle Dish with telco - good or bad idea?

    I have been a Dish customer for years and I'm thinking about upgrading my internet/phone with Frontier Communications. They say they can bundle my Dish service with them and save money. They also say nothing will change with my Dish service, it will just be included on their bill. Can anybody...
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    FIOS to be handed over to Frontier in WA

    I just confirmed that if the proposed transfer of ownership of Verizon Northwest to Frontier happens, then Frontier gets FIOS as well as the copper land lines in my area. I think this is bad news. FIOS is currently being installed in my town, Shoreline Washington, and I had been looking forward...
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    What's a spider?

    At the bottom of the forums page it lists members, non-members and spiders online. Just wondering what a "spider" is in relation to the forums? Thanks -Ken
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    Now with Ceil 2 can I just have 1 dish?

    I live in the Northwest, and because of the poor signal strength from 129 they originally gave me two dishes. A dish 500 for 110 and 119 and a larger one just for 129. Now that the new more powerful 129 sat is in place, do you think a dish 1000.2 would work for all 3. Because of line of sight...
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    Quality Issues with Local Channels

    I realize that a certain amount of compression artifacts are expected with this technology, but I have been noticing artifacts on my local HD channels via Dish that are very noticeable and annoying. Often when there is a cut between two shots, the beginning of the second shot will have...
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    Why do some channels have two numbers?

    I've noticed some of my HD channels have a 3 digit channel number as well as a 4 digit number starting with 94. Why is that? Both seem to work. Is one better quality than the other? Thanks -Ken