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    weird 622 problem

    This problem just started happening last night. TV1 will just show the menu and channel info but when a channel is selected there is no audio or video. TV2 works great. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Eastern Arc

    Hi, I had a problem last week and it turned out to be a bad DPP. While there the tech told me that I should be able to get the eastern arc Sats and would only need one dish. He stated that I would get more channels for free and less rain fade out because the one dish is bigger that either one...
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    HD on TV2

    I have had a 622 since it came out over 2 1/2 years ago. TV1 is hooked up to my 70" JVC Pro HDTV and TV2 was hooked up to my bedroom 32" analog CRT. Life was good. The ability to record from either TV and watch it on either TV was simply fantastic. Then my 32" broke. I replaced it with a...
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    I did search on this forum first and couldn't find the answer. I live in Fl. Does anyone know what dish channel this will be broadcast on and at what time? Thank you
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    Recording with a 622, has something changed?

    I tried to record a future program from TV1 but I wanted to change it to use the tuner for TV2. I used to be able to do it now I can't find where to change it. Sorry for being a dunce, but any help would be appreciated.
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    HD Locals

    Is there anywhere that I can find a schedule as to when Dish will privide local HD channels? I live in the Orlando Fl area, and I can't wait to get Fox in HD (a 24 thing). Thanks for any help.
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    Sorry for the stupid question, But is the show 24 availiable on Dish? I can't find it.
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    622 Recording advice

    I have a 622 rev c and it has been flawless. I am a bit confused on recording with it. If I want to watch TV1 and record another program I need to specify TV2 for the recording. If I do that I assume it will record in SD even if the program is HD. Is there any way to record a program in HD when...
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    622 Programming problem

    I have tried many times to record one program while watching another. If I press record and then try to change the channel, it cancels the recording. If I set it to record say an hour later, it switches to the channel to the one I am recording and if you try to go to another channel it cancels...
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    622 Native Output

    What is the non up converted resolution of the 622? I have mine set at 1080I but if the 622 is up scaling maybe I should set it lower and let my set do the up converting. Any thoughts from the Dish Experts here?
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    Dish UHF remote Expert needed!

    I had a 622 installed to replace my family room receiver (where the 622 is now) and my bedroom receiver. The UHF remote for TV2 (bedroom) worked great until my new JVC 70" Pro arrived (in the family room next to the 622). Now with the JVC on the UHF remote won't work. I can turn off the JVC and...
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    DPP34 Vs the DPP44

    Could anyone be kind enough to tell me the differences between thes two switchs or tell me where I can find the info? Thank You
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    622 problems please help before my wife kills me

    I have searched this forum but can't find an answer. Pardon me if this is a redundant question I had a 622 installed last nite and today it did the following at least 5 times: Screen went black Audio became garbled Unit powered down after a couples of minutes unit powers up after a couple...
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    622 install, I need help!!

    Dish came out today and refused to install the 622 and the new 61.5 dish. They said my Dish 500 wasn't grounded from the outside and because I refused to let them mount the new dish on the roof they would have to move the current dish to a new location and put the new dish where the old dish...
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    622 Buy or Lease?

    I am trying to figure out which would be best, leasing or buying a 622. Is there any difference in the monthly fees between the two options?
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    622 TV2 output

    I am planning on getting a 622. Right now I have 2 Receivers. On TV2 I run S VHS to the set. Years ago I ran a composite link from TV1 to TV2 but never used it. If I get the 622 and use the composite link (about 60' long) for TV2 instead of the seperate receiver, will there be a significant...
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    EchoStar X

    Does anyone know what channels EchoStar X will carry?