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    new ESPN channels launching-will dish get them?

    I read that ESPN has new channels Goal Line (for NCAA football) and Buzzer Beater (for NCAA basketball) launching this season. Both of these are similar to NFL Red Zone in that they will have highlights and live look-ins. The Goal Line will air only once a week (saturday). Time Warner got...
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    new subscriber deals got worse

    Noticed in the last few weeks they took the HD for life off all the packs except the premier one. What was $7 for DVR service is now $17 a month for DVR and HD. Guess i will wait to switch from dish. Currently i pay $82 a month for americas top 250 with HD, the HD extra pack, and the sports ...
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    Have Dish-want direct-Dish want fee to remove dish

    I have dish HD service with a 622 and a single dish 1000 dish. Dish wants 99 bucks to come out and remove this dish. I would like direct to stick the new dish where this dish network dish is mounted. I don't know much about removing the dish myself so will direct do this for me? I think i"ll...
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    MLB Preseason games blacked out?

    I checked the schedule and there are alot of games the next few days-ALL are blacked out except on NESN which has the Red Sox . I have the sports pack and live in the Astros/Royals/Cards/Rangers territory
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    Where is the 80 channel horse racing package?

    This was announced last summer and was supposed to launch in the fall-where is it?
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    Horse Racing package-what happened to it?

    Dish was supposed to launch some extreme package last September that was to carry live race feeds from all the major tracks every day. It's been months and no news. Anybody hear anything?
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    my Dallas Stars games are now blacked out!

    Live in Oklahoma-have always got the Stars before but now i am getting the black out on Fox SW and ALT channels. The game tonight (vs Red Wings) was shown on NHL Network and on Fox SW and i got blacked out on both. Since the Stars are our local team and no other team claims Oklahoma i am at a...
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    Turbo HD customers-Do we get platinum free after 8-1?

    do we get it free or do i have to drop it first? Or is it never free with turbo-very confused here. Also with more and more stations going HD wont it soon be HD or nothing? In that event won't there only be HD packages with the non HD period just getting downconverts to SD.
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    Oklahoma gets shut out on the Royals Again

    Royals continue to claim Oklahoma as territory yet i have yet to get a game. This has gone on for years. I have the sports pack and Turbo Gold. Getting the Cards who are 5 hours away and can't get the Royals who are the closest team to me. When i try to watch on out of market package...
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    Turbo HD Gold/Sports Pack-no NHL/NBA HD?

    I just changed my programmed this morning from Americas top 250 plus HD gold/Platimum to Turbo Gold + Sports Pack-i am not getting NBA (channel 560) or NHL (Ch 403) IN HD-i only get them in SD. I was under the impression i would get this in HD since i got the sports pack-do i have to get...
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    With the ATT contract expiring will we be auto unbundled?

    will we be automatically unbundled and get a separate bill from dish or will our dish bill stay on our phone bill. OR will ATT try to switch us to Direct
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    Records 1 hr of "Mike/Mike"on ESPN and then timer stops

    I have a 622 and HD though i tape Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPN SD. Every morning it records the first hour (5-6am) and then the rest is cut off due to a "smart card does not currently have authorization to view or order this program...". This has been happening for about a week and...
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    can't watch downloaded programs

    I have tried to download and watch a episode of Ghost Hunters twice. Both times it downloaded and i got a message on my screen saying it was ready to view. When i go to view it i won't start. I have noticed it doesn't give a expiration date. Should i reset my receiver? I have a 622 VIP
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    what package is best to go with on HD-new Turbo or HD Ultimate

    I currently have americas top 250 w locals along with HD Ultimate and Multi Sport pack and HBO-i pay $107.93 for this. This includes a VIP 622 and a old 301 receiver in the old room. Would i be better off going with HD Turbo -i want to keep my multi sport pack and am hearing this might not be...
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    upcoming Charlie Chat-Voom lovers need to CALL/Email!

    On the upcoming Charlie Chat those of us who miss Voom need to email and call. Let's flood the chat with love for Voom. Otherwise dish will just be a carbon copy of Direct WITHOUT Extra Innings, Sunday Ticket and the upcoming Baseball Network!
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    no royals on and rsn-DOUBLE blackout

    Looking for assistance to earlier post-supposed to be on Royals market for getting games on Fox MW-called them and they said yes your supposed to get the games but as of now all of Oklahoma is blacked out-person claimed people on direct are getting blacked out as well-does anyone have a number...
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    getting blacked out on mlb games that i should receive

    According to the MLB site-NE Oklahoma (Tulsa area) is being claimed by the KS Royals. Games should show on Fox MW or a Alt channel if the Cardinals are playing at the same time-so far i have been blacked out on every game this season and am getting blacked out on out of market mlb package as...
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    Where are the KS Royals games?

    I live in NE Oklahoma-this area is claimed by the Royals, Astros, Rangers, and Cards. We get the Rangers on Fox SW, the Astros on the Alt Channel (FSN Houston), the Cards on FOX MW (with the added sports pack) but WHERE are the Royals games?. I have read they are on a station called Fox Sports...
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    How do you "move"?

    I have been reading with interest people in this forum "moving" to get the channels they desire. Currently i live in NE Oklahoma (get fsn sw, houston and mw))and wish to get the boston area channels for the Red Sox games and the locals in HD. I also subscribe to dish through ATT. Am i going...
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    dish online disappeared on my menu

    i hooked up ethernet cable to my vip622 several weeks ago and sampled this feature. Seemed like a bunch of old movies at high prices so i disconnected it. Now i see its gone from my menu. Did dish cancel this service or did it just disappear from my menu since i pulled the plug.