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    Phone Connection not Passing Test - But Dial Tone

    Long time dish customer had 2 622's that were slowly dying reboots etc and so took the plunge on a upgrade I just had my 1 h / 1j installed and so far all is good, the installer was a nice guy but at the end 2 things were not done , 1 i don't care about the other i do The one i don't is the...
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    Anybody Watching this, saw first two and i have to say i giggle quite a bit, i think you have to have a dog to appreciate it - not sure about elijah wood Anyway good weird fun
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    Falling Skies - TNT

    Anybody else going to watch this ? looks interesting TNT - Falling Skies: Home
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    My Posts/ My Threads on Quick Links giving same result

    I was looking for a recent post i made in a thread and couldnt find it so i tried the My Posts in quicklinks but it didnt return the post just the threads i started the parmaters passed are different off the link Advanced Search - SatelliteGuys.US vs Advanced Search - SatelliteGuys.US I know...
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    Anybody else watching this ? I like Jimmy Smits not sure i buy all the bad side of his character, if he was a supreme court judge, and the detective girl is way too full of herself. Also the time slot is a little weird, thank goodness for DVRs
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    Error trying to mark all forums read

    I keep getting a message saying incorrect forum specified when i try to mark all forums read only seems to have started today, but i havent been on as much recently
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    Dirt 2 Demo

    I just downloaded this, havent played any of the other Dirt games, are they any good ? DiRT 2 Demo Download - Fileshack - Download PC Video game patches, videos, betas, trailers for PC.
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    Blu-ray and HDMI splitter - Loss of Voice channel

    Mnay have done used split hdmi to send a video/sound signgal to a remote tv. Have any of you also tried to send PS3 blu-ray video/sound ? Im over 15m's about approx 65feet and am losing the voice channel for my bluray dvd's only, im getting dish sound output ok, and im getting other audio...
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    Laplink WIn & upgrade tool for Win 7

    Has anybody tried this ? Laplink Software - PCmover Upgrade Assistant - Migrate Computer Programs, Files and Settings Saw an article on it today on WSJ site Sorry cant post as it's a pay site. But this was the program that will upgrade windows I know, i know....... fresh install is the...
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    Costco - 54" Panny Plasma Deal

    If your in the market for a plasma this is a great deal and it includes delivery ! $1,199.99 after $300 OFF Panasonic 54" 1080P Plasma Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Contrast Ratio: 30,000:1 600 Hz Sub-field Drive
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    Compusa Refurbed: Blue-Ray Player for less than $100

    Just got this Ad from Compusa. Im sure it's not great, but maybe for a second player in the Bedrooom ? "... a refurbished Magnavox Blu-Ray player -- a Full-HD 1080p Blu-Ray player -- for only $99.99. a Magnavox NB530MGX Full-HD 1080p Blu-Ray player..." CLICK HERE...
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    HDMI/Optical Audio Switch with remote control

    Includes a REMOTE CONTROL and POWER SUPPLY. This item retails for $199.99. See for a review Want $50 + shipping - You chose shipping method Prefer Paypal Not just an HDMI Switch will switch optical Audio too, so...
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    F1 is back !

    YAY ! Don't forget to set your DVR for Speed Melbourne Practice next thursday
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    What's the best movie for HD sound

    There's a thread on Best PQ for a BLU-ray, i wondered what people recommended for the best for sound. Mainly wondering what is the best to take when listening to AV equipment at the store.
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    B&H Photo Video - Anybody Used them ?

    In another thread im looking for a HTIB replacement and i found this site (via avsforum) that has a great price on the HT-7200DH Home Theater System But before i considered purchasing thought i'd check to see if anybody here had used them.
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    Error 404 trying to get Webmail

    If i click on the NEW SUPPORTER FEATURE: Check WebMail in the top right i get a 404 error. Anybody else experiencing this ? Cant say when it started im using the classic look and feel I only clicked on it by mistake was trying to get to pm's I noticed it isnt there on the new look and feel.
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    Not going out - Series 2 end ?

    Season Finale, i think, for season 2 last week, i nearly died of laughter when they told the michael jackson joke, the ton fo Gags, sometimes adult in nature, on this show really was the highlight of my comedy week. BBC America - Not Going Out I cant find any new series on BBC website...
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    Anybody played - Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution

    Sorry mad post ! I just realized it's not available yet, anybody looking to buy it ! Thanks In advance
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    Last Post not workking on Large Threads

    If you try t o use the "jump" t last post on old/large threads it only loads the first page anybody else seeing this ? see image attached i mean the > next to the name of the last poster. If tried small threads works fine. Did a bit more testing it seems any thread with over 1000 replies...
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    anybody resurfaced their cabinets

    Just started the planning for a kitchen remodel and we are trying to keep the budget down. We will be here for a few more years so want to do a decent job on the whole thing. So i was wondering if anybody had done the resurfacing route ? Did it look ok after a couple of years or need redoing ...