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    922 Subscription Issues

    Thanks for your time in reading this. We need some help on this one Had A sub with Programming Center now for several years. Each year when we re-new our channels, there is always a problem. This year is no different. Called Programming Center and talked to the nice lady about it. The problem...
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    Which Email to use?

    Hello Everyone, Like everyone else, we are really sick and tired of the amount of "Garbage" emails we get We have tried blocking ( and have hundreds and hundreds blocked) but this is a losing battle Can anyone share and email provider, free or paid, that really works? Thank in advance Sonya...
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    DSR-410 question

    Happy Thanksgiving All, Can/Does a DSR-410 supply voltage to a DMX 741U? Thanks!:confused:
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    Chaparral CoRotor II Plus LNB Recommendation

    Good Morning All, We are looking at the CoRotor II Plus for XMAS and hope you all can provide feedback on how good this is. Also any recommendatios for LNB's for it? Is the Bullseye II and better/worse? Thanks for your help!
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    AXBOZ Edit Run Time Error

    Hi All, We are North Americanizing our Satellite List using AZBOX Edit. Keep getting a Run-time error #6, See attached Anyone know how to deal with this or seen it before? This is happening when Deleting Satellites only Thanks for you help
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    Questions about 105W (AMC15/18)

    Please excuse our ignorance on this but have a couple of questions here 1. Are AMC 18 and AMC 15 in the same orbit? 2. Are both these birds C and Ku? 3. Have read that AMC18 is C and AMC 15 is Ku? Please teach us something on this, trying to get my Birds and TP's set up on AXBOZ Thank...
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    Problem Uploading files from PC to AXBOZ using ACC Control Center

    This is the first time we are trying to do this. Have downloaded the files using Filezilla last weekend with alot of folks help Have edited the files and need to upload back to AZBOX Premium Have went to AZBOx, Settings, Internet and test connction and also went to Browser and it connects to...
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    Help with Filezilla, downloading files from AZBOX to PC

    WE Need a little help This is my first attempt at copying the 3 files from AZBOZ to my PC using the revised instructions that are so valuable and thanks to many is very helpful Have successfully connected to the AZBOZ Have found the 3 remote files in DISK2 (all_channel.dat, antenna_list...
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    Looking for a Quality 6 to 8 ft Solid or Mesh Dish

    Hi everyone, I am in need of a quality 6 to 8 ft Solid or Mesh dish and cannot find one. Problem I have is wind. Prime focus dishes are not beefed up enough. Looking for one like a GEOSATPro but cannot find anyone selling a 1.8m. The 1.2M has operating winds of 56 mph and Survival winds are...
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    922 went beserk, what options do I have?

    Yesterday, was changing birds on the 922. 922 reset itself, soft reset. When it came back up, it is very confused right now. I unplugged it and let it set overnight. Re-plugged it in again and still the same. Unable to get a DC light or any channels Any suggestions? If I have to do a MR...
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    Blind Scanning AMC-18

    Have been trying to scan in TP's from AMC-18, 105W with an AZ Box Ultra. No success at all. I am on the bird because I can watch my 922 sub and have 98 Quality with the 922. I have tried to coax in TP's. I have tried Deleting and rebuilding the bird. I have even cleaned out all the TP's and...
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    We live in NM, we have a couple of enrironmental issues to deal with; Wind and Heat and bees. During a wind storm a couple of months ago, we had 65 mph winds and it blew our plastic cover off the LNBF We only found the cover today. Want to put it back on but want to use some sort of a...
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    NEED HELP How to hook this up until the dust settles

    HI Need to know how to hook this up until the dust settles. Have my 922 slaved to our AZBOX. The goal is to dis-connect the coaxes from the 922 and just use the 922 as the dish mover for the AZBOX. The problem is that there is only one coax connector on the AZBOX. This is how I have the...
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    AZBOX Signal VS Quality

    Need to know if someone can tell me why my Signal is much lower than my quality 60-70 over 90 to 100 Thanks for your help
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    Mike Kohl really danced aroung the question tonight Dish Movers

    The question was posed as to whether or not the tiles would remain in place so that we could use the 920's and 922's thisl really danced around as our dish movers, Mike Kohl rually answering iteally danced around answering this. He said there maybe some future technical issues and all this can...
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    Update from SRL

    I re-newed my sub from SRL today 11/21 which is my sub end date. I asked her if after 12/21 I could re-new my sub and she said yes but up until 12/31 (at a pro-rated) monthly price. I asked her what happens after that. She said that I would have to convert my 922 (by way of some software)...
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    DMX 741 on a SAMO 10ft Mesh

    Is there any thing unique in setting up a DMX 741 on a 10 FT SAMI?
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    SAMI 10Ft Dish Opinion

    Hi All, What are your opinions of SAMI Dishes? Good or bad Thanks for you opinions
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    AMC 1 W1 Question

    Have a Sub with SRL for the Denver Networks CH 500 through 507 with the 4DTV 922. In the evening and early mornings, can receive with minimal quality. When the Sun comes up, the channels go away. But can watch channel 751 with decent quality all day long. and can see feeds during the day as...
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    AZBOZ Blind Scan Settings

    AZBOX Blind Scan Settings Can anyone help a NEWBIE with the best AZBOX Utra Settings to get the best results Your help would be greatly appreciated Thanks you very much:)