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    Are Dish America packages a thing off the past?

    I back to reading this forum again. Quick question. Are the Dish America packages a thing of the past? I have the Dish America 49.99 for probably 3-4 years now. I only watch 3 or 4 channels that are on that base package and serves me well. When I log into my account I don't see the other Dish...
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    one dish 77/72/61.5

    Looks like I lost satellite at 72 degrees.. I have a dpp 1k.4 When I check switch port 1 77 good, port 2 good connection no signal, port 3 61.5 good. Port 4 not used. Using vip622 was working good till the friget weather of a couple weeks ago here in pa. As it is I only getting the two...
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    VIP 622 DVR failed possibly

    Looks like my VIP622 will not power up completely. When I press the power button it lights up the fan races for a few seconds then it just sits there for few mins then it starts to cycle off then on with fan racing then off again then repeats. I took the Power plug out now for a couple hours...
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    TBS8921 PCI or Prof Revolution DVB-S2 7301 PCI on this motherboard

    Hi I was wondering which card is better the TBS8921 PCI or Prof Revolution DVB-S2 7301 PCI for this motherboard GIGABYTE - Motherboard - BGA 559 - GA-D525TUD (rev. 1.x) which I already own ? For each card itself how about in performance and is blind scanning available? I have windows 7...
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    AZBOX question about its built in web browser?

    I was wondering if anyone that has an AZbox connected to internet how does the web browser deal with web page with embedded Flash player? An example would be like ΔΕΠΘΕ - FM100 - TV100 - TV100 Live! .
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    Looking for new FTA reciever, maybe...

    So my hobby started with a Pansat 100 (which still works but sitting on a shelf in the basement). Then I got a ST9900 which ended up with some sort of power supply issue and sits on a shelf too. Then I got Neusat SP6000 which worked very well till that got a power supply issue but with this one...
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    Two things- Generic IPTV box and Zinwell ZIN-5005HD

    I am asking couple different things. If anyone has insight please respond. 1) I was wondering if anyone has the Zinwell ZIN-5005HD. If there is a chance that there new firmware for it or third party firmware for it? It seems that Zinwell has release the source code for it and it be nice to take...
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    Eastern arc dish performance in bad weather

    This is my first winter experience with the Eastern Arc dish. Complete signal loss when snow/ice collect on this dish as in today's storm in Southeastern PA and snow storms of the past two weeks. Never happened with my previous setup 61.5 and 110/119 dishes. Very unfortunate. Right now it...
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    I will probably need to replace my aging PC using it for HTPC

    I have my older Desktop PC which has an AOpen Motherboard Athlon XP Cpu 1256 meg ram Windows XP pro. I mainly use it for putting live Windows Media video feeds to composite video (which comes from an Radeon 7000 video card). So I use that video and Audio from the Motherboard to feed a RF...
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    Thinking of going from Top 250 to Dish America gold

    Any ramifications from going from this America's Top 250$64.99 HD 250$10.00 DVR Service$6.00 Cinemax$13.00 HD Platinum$10.00 Monthly Charges$103.99 To this Dish America Gold$54.99 DVR Service$6.00 HD Platinum$10.00 Monthly Charges$70.99 I need to cut back on everything now...
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    I am sure this is old news to most here but I got the email about changes?

    I been away from this forum for a while and I probably missed reading about it so please forgive me if this is a repeat. But today I just got this email I copied below but basically urgent action required on my part to call Dish to get new equipment to replace my old. I take it it means my...
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    NSS 806 COB

    I was wondering if anyone happens to know when the Center of Box happens for NSS 806 over the next couple months? NSS web site does not have the info posted for this satellite.
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    1000.4 dish possibility?

    For some time now I been eyeing a neighbor's tree on the side of his house. Actually it looked like a big weed to me as it was growing but now looks like a tree. Anyway, From where my Dish 500 dish is now I am lossing signal strength to almost half of what it use to be. I am in the...
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    Bird nest in my mount

    I noticed recently that in back of my 1.2m channel master dish polar mount inside the mount is a bunch of nest grass birds put in there. I can not believe how they can squeeze in and out of there. I took a closer look and it would be impossible to remove without some sort of casualty. Any...
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    Is 61.5 lost?

    Did 61.5 get lost or did I lose a port on the SW64? I was getting some HD local channels on 61.5 but lost them too. The first to go was the test slate at 61.5 though.
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    I got this loyal customer flyer

    Ok so today I got this flyer and I want to try to understand why I would want to do one of these? Maybe someone could help me out. This is what I have now GoldHD with PlatinumHD, America's top 250, No DVR fee (because I have DVR advantage) , Locals, 1 Yr Cinemax for a Penny with Autopay...
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    HDTV OTA antenna (outdoors) Need advice.

    I am about 10 miles west of Center City Philadelphia, PA. I went to and saw that at my location most of the Philly stations are with in a 15 degree width in one direction and I would need a local antenna Green I think. But on the Antenna web site there are a few stations in...
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    SW64 Multiswitch

    I have a VIP 622 and will probably add more VIPs' over the next year. Will a SW64 pass through the mpeg4 signals that are now used on Dish that were not used when this switch first came out? Being a long time sub I have Legacy LNBFs Dish 500 and single dish and looking at this route instead of...
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    Is religious channel 4E TV available on satellite in USA?

    4E is a Greek Orthodox religious channel from Thessaloniki, Greece. It has a variety of talk shows and documentaries along with Church services. The channel always has a bug logo 4E on the upper left corner. I did a search on "the list" here on satellite guys didn't find it. I looked on...
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    two poles question for dish mounting.

    Presently I have a 12ft pole (3" diameter) 4' is in the ground with cement around the pole about 2 feet around. On the top I have a Channel Master 1.2 meter fixed on NSS806. Now I have a 3 foot shelf (supported to the pole with u bolts and angle iron) about 3 feet below the top of the pole that...