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    Help with :Directv Sl3 Slimline Four Out Ka/ku Slim Line LNB (Sl3)

    Hi guys.Someone give me today a dish Direct tv 33 inch SLIM LINE, the dish miss the LNB , I looked online to see if i can find one bracket and LNB,I did found this one :(Directv si3 slimline four out/ku slim line lnb(si3)) and i think this is the one can work with this dish,I need you please to...
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    Hi I recieve today my X2 PREMIUM reciever but it doesn't work with RCA but it works with HDMI right now I don't have a flat screen so any help please because i try and i try but my country it's work easy but here i still don't understand good how things work Thanks
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    Nargravisoin 3

    Hi everybody I'm happy to be here as a member of this wonderful website.First I'm sorry about my English but I will try my best so everyone can undersatnd what i'm looking for. second I'm from an other country and just one year i been in wisconsin.I just bought a free to air reciever, dish and...