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    Can I relocate my power inserter?

    I've done some searching, but I'm finding conflicting info. Right now this is my setup: Room 1: HR34 (room with power inserter) Room 2: HR22 Room 3: HR21 I am doing some remodeling in room 1, and would like to permanently move the power inserter to room 2. I haven't been able to pull it all...
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    Help switching from wired to wireless whole-home DVR

    Hi, Last year, I added whole-home DVR, and even though I requested the wireless setup, the installer insisted and basically forced me to use a wired set up. Here is my current set up: Room 1: HR22-100, wired DECABB1MR0-01 to my wireless router in this room Room 2: HR34-700 Room 3: HR21-200...
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    What is the correct part # for an RF, backlit remote that works with the HR34?

    I had my HR34 installed today and love it. Unfortunately, they only gave me an IR remote. I'm looking for a backlit, RF remote that will control the HR34. I think it might be the RC65RBX, but I've been unable to find anything concrete. Can anyone confirm? Thanks.
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    Does the DECA network adapter require it's own power supply (H21/H22 boxes)?

    I've searched around but can't seem to find a straight answer. I wanted to make sure everything is easy and accessible for the installer this weekend. I'm adding whole home DVR to an H21 HD box, as well as an H22 HD-DVR box. Will he need an additional power outlet for these boxes?
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    Just ordered the HR34!

    My contract was up next month, and I really wanted the HR34. Long story short, I was able to get the following deal, all for only 99 bucks. 1) an HR34 2) add another HD-DVR to a room that currently has no DTV 3) cinema connection kit 4) whole home DVR 5) I was also able to keep my Choice Xtra...
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    When can I "negotiate" a new agreement with DTV, and what can I expect to get?

    I first got DirecTV back in April 2010. Since my contract is expiring, I would like to get the HR34 box, as well as add another box to another room in my home which has no box at the moment (currently have an HR22-100 and an HR21-200). How soon can I call them to try and agree to a new contract...
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    Are there any downfalls for using a pole mount instead of mounting on house?

    I'm having DirecTV installed on my home this Saturday. I really don't want to mount the dish to my home because it is newly built and I don't like the idea of that, so I will likely ask for a pole mount install. Are there any downfalls to having the pole mount? Also, how badly is the installer...
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    Do I need a landline phone to setup DTV HD DVR service?

    Sorry, I have searched around and cannot find a concrete, up-to-date answer. I'm interested in switching to DTV, and will need (1) HD DVR box, and (1) HD box. I'm not interested in PPV or the sport season packages. Do I need to have a landline? This is a deal breaker if so. I do not have a...