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    LINUX TVHEADEND with ROTOR Support! Please help test.

    The first attempt at rotor support for TVHeadend has been posted to GITHub. This release supports USALS and GOTOX. It even allows both rotor types in series on the same DVB card. Please help us test this for bugs and provide feedback if possible by replying to this thread. Thanks. Below is...
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    Need Expert Advice - Can't Lock High FEC (9/10) TP's on 10' Mesh - Questioning Setup

    I would appreciate expert advice with my problem locking High FEC (9/10) TP's on my 10' Mesh. I can receive some TP's on the SAT in question (97W) with 100% Q but they are low FEC. The high FEC TP's bounce from 0 to 70 but don't stay at 70 long. I was given this dish from a house about 5...
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    Tips for Adjusting Dish/LNB for DVB-S2 (CBS FEEDS)?

    I have not been able to lock High FEC DVB-S2 feeds on my 10' MESH. Can someone please offer steps I should take to tweak my dish and LNB? Should I start with LNB F/D, skew, centering? I really want to lock the CBS feeds on G28 and G19. I am knew to CBAND and most likely don't have my LNB...
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    Too much tree coverage?

    I have been having trouble tuning anything west of 107W. I think it is because of trees. Please look at the pic taken from behind the dish and let me know if you agree. Thanks.
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    How far west should my actuator reach?

    I have a 36" Von weis actuator. I have it centered on 72W. I can tune as far east as 20W. How far west should I be able to go? Is there a way I can adjust the actuator to not go as far east but go further west?
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    BUD Tracking from 20W to 107W, but not getting anything above 107W

    My longitude is 75.7. I used 72W as my true south. I had the actuator to the west by 40 counts when finding 72W. I can tune 20W to 107W. I cannot tune anything above 107W. I am concerned that trees might blocking my LOS. But, I want to make sure it is not an installation mistake. Is it...
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    Linux scan and s2-scan LNB type confusion?

    I am not sure if there is a bug in the scan and s2-scan command or if I am confused. I used to specify -l 10750 for my STANDARD KU LNB. After performing various ubuntu upgrades. I no longer can tune anything when specifying this. I can tune if I omit it. But what confuses me is that the...
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    Tuning Problem with Prof 7500 in Ubuntu

    I am recently having a problem tuning the PROF 7500 in ubuntu. It used to work in the past - I think I might have messed it up with an update. If I disconnect the COAX and connect to my Traxis 3500 my entire setup works fine. But in ubuntu I get the following in the log when scanning...
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    Actuator Sensor Types

    I have not been able to get on the roof to determine my sensor type or cabling color function. I do have 3 sensor wires and my actuator is old. Can I safely assume it is a Hall sensor? Is it OK to use a Hall instead of replacing it for a reed? What is the benefit of the Reed? Is it...
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    Satellite Identification via Linux Command Line?

    I am trying to set up a 10' BUD. I only have a PROF 7500 and a Twinhan 102G as a tuner. Does anyone have any tricks for identifying Satellites using command line tools? Is there a way to query the Satellite for it's name or something similar?
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    Traxis 3500 Remote Problem

    My 3500 stopped responding to the remote. I replaced the batteries and verified using a digital camera viewfinder that the IR is flashing. Could the remote still be bad or is it the receiver? Can I access the menu for blindscanning w/o the remote? Please help. Of course it decided to stop...
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    Please Help with LNB / Feed Assembly / DMX241 or Original? - On the roof now...

    Please help me answer the following questions: -How can I set the skew on the DMX241 while the dish is not at the APEX? It is on my roof and not possible for me to access the LNB while the dish is at the APEX. -Is the DMX241 better or easier to setup than the original Eagle Aspen General...
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    Help Identifying model of 10' Perfect 10? For FD calculation.

    I am in process of setting up my 10' dish. I am trying to determine what model of Perfect 10 I have. The FD is different for each model. Is there a way to determine if I have the 10S, SI, or the PE1000. I can try to post a pic tomorrow. Thanks.
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    10' mesh installation

    I am trying to complete setup of my 10' mesh. I was given it from a nice lady about 5 miles from my house. Am I correct in assuming that I should not need to adjust the Inc/dec settings? I am concerning myself with finding the ARC and making sure the new LNB is at the correct FD. My KU true...
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    6' Dish on J-Pole on Roof?

    My journey for C Band has not been easy. I have several obstacles to putting my 10' Mesh BUD up. I am now considering it might be easier to buy the 6' special. This depends on the answer to this question. Can I mount the 6' dish on my roof using a large J Pole with struts? Has anyone done...
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    ATSC/QAM tuner for AZBOX Premium Plus?

    Does anyone know if there are plans to make an ATSC or clear QAM tuner card for the AZBOX Premium Plus? This would make me abandone mythtv completely and purchase an AZBOX. Thanks.
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    Can AZBOX play files from NFS or SMB share?

    Can the AZBOX premium plus HD play files located on a shared location such as NFS or SMB? Thanks.
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    Looking for a 6-7 foot - will trade 10 foot

    I don't think I have enough room for my 10' perfect 10 mesh dish. I think I can fit a 6-7 foot dish. Please reply if near northeast PA and would like to trade. I also have other computer/electronics to trade if not interested in the 10' BUD. Thanks.
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    Mythtv and FTA?

    I wanted to know if anyone on the forum uses Mythtv for watching FTA - specifically sports feeds. I have not had much luck using. My frontend seems to crash on many different types of feeds. Has anyone been able to resolve these issues?
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    Can anyone with a MiniBud get the following TP's?

    Are you able to get any of the following transponders on your mini-BUD? 89W 3820,3940,4100 91W 3800,4060 93W 3880 95W 4020,4140,4160 97W 3720,3740,3800,3880,4000 99W 3940,3980,4120 121W 4040 137W 4160