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    HD Extra Pack

    me, too!
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    HD reception in Guanajuato

    I have a pal who lives in Guanajuato, Mexico. Latitude 20N, Longitude 100W, roughly. Can he see an HD satellite for Dish on his horizon? He is a Dish customer and is getting the SD channels. His billing address is Laredo. I think if he bought a Dish receiver/DVR he could get HD if his antenna...
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    probs seeing OTA in diplexed configuration

    My Dish reception OTA was just terrrible 30 miles from Broadcast Hill here in the D/FW area...I quit Dish for Directv. My Directv HR23-700 had no provision for the antenna. Plugging the antenna into the back of the TV produced a superb picture on all the digital channels. I think the Dish...
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    DirecTV v. Dish

    I just discovered that the DVR will not work with the SD television. To record for the SD set requires two DVR's. I will have to purchase another..out of the pan and into the fire. My wife is furious at me for making the change...and with a twenty four month commitment.
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    DirecTV v. Dish...

    DirecTv V. Dish I changed because I never received a credit for Voom discontiuation. I also was unable to access my bill at the Dish web site, even after many requests over six months to have the problem fixed. I requested over and over again a printed copy of my bill over a six month's period...
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    DirecTV v. Dish...

    I just cancelled Dish for DirecTV. The installation was yesterday. If receiving OTA channels is important to you, the current DirecTV DVR has no provision for an outside antenna. Therefore I cannot receive my locals OTA omitting the best pc and the HD signal from my PBS station. I must...
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    Dish Channel 501 HD VOD 1080p

    I watched the earlier posted film in 1080p ("I Am Legend") and it looked pretty good. I decided to take a look at Speed Racer this am, but Dish is saying my 22 months old 40" Samy is "not compatable with this event". Is there a change in format between "I Am Legend" and "Speed Racer" or this...
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    Voom News or just "generic" email

    Voom I'll jump too for Voom...also am irritated that CNN is in HD and Fox News is not...
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    Channel 73 Barack Obama's Plan for America

    For all of you Obama fans, as a substitute for the Voom Channels, Dish Network has brought us the Obama channel. I'm going to spend a lot of time watching! Enjoy Channel 73.
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    Dish Network NOT offerring 1080p (Yes they are)

    my guide is showing "10,000 B.C" as the HD VOD 501 1080p choice...I'm in North Texas...
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    1080P Movie Poll

    1080p Movies on VOD 501 I watched "I am Legend" in 1080p and for days there were no 1080p offerings at all, not even "I am Legend" on my guide, but after checking this am I discovered that "10,000 B.C." is now offered.
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    HD VOD 1080p "I am Legend" I had it, watched it in 1080p, on my year old Samsung 1080p and then Dish took it down and it no longer appears on my guide...I asked an TSR about that and after putting me on hold for a while came back on the line and said it was not available because they are...
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    Comments Needed: DishONLINE Reviews

    Scott..I ran an ethernet cable from my 622 to my router, and attempted a movie download. A screen came up saying I wasn't connected to the this because I don't have the right software yet (I have the 612) or possibly that I need an internet swich as described on p. 5 of the...
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    Anyone else still not have "I Am Legend?"

    HD 501 "I am a Lengend" I got my update sometime last weekend and watched "I am Legend"Sunday. Great PQ. I'm in Fort Worth...
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    new software for 622

    1080p Dish Movies I have the 612 software and 501 channels, but no HD 501 "I Am Legend" choice to select...anyone else out the with this condition?
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    How Dish's 1080p is going to work...

    Got 612 Download for my 622, finally, but.... On 501 there is no "I am Legend" to select. Is there another 1080p movie choice?
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    new software for 622

    622 1080p Download It would be interesting to see in what geographical location the 622 1080p individuals who have received the 612 download are in...I'm in North Texas and nothing for me yet....
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    new software for 622

    Has anyone received the 1080p/channel 501 software?
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    How Dish's 1080p is going to work...

    Cannot Find Channel 501 I have System Info One up on my screen and it is showing "Software:L512". There is another screen with a longer software designation but I can't seem to find it....
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    How Dish's 1080p is going to work...

    Cannot find Channel 501 During a conversation with a TSR, I was asked to go to the software screen and after I read him the numbers he pronounced it the latest. However, he may have been mistaken. Has anyone acutally seen 501 on their guide?