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    Guide Information

    Hey Guys, I have searched for this answer, but have yet to find it. I have a ViP722 with a Winegard SENSAR antenna. If I cancel my subscription to locals through Dish Network, will I also lose the guide info for my off-air locals. Dish Network does not carry my locals in HD and I can pull...
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    Rabbit-ears over outdoor antenna???

    Hey everybody, Hopefully someone can shed some light on my problem. I have an LG 37" LCD with a Dish Network ViP722. However, Dish does not offer my locals in HD. I had an old set of rabbit ears made by Philips that are amplified so i hooked them up to my TV to see what i could get. My local...
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    Which receivers support closed captioning

    Could anyone tell me which Dish Network receivers support closed captioning. Thank you in advance.
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    Help with do it yourself install??

    Hello all, Hopefully someone can help me here. I have the new DirecTV 5-LNB dish and am trying to install it myself. I have an H-20 receiver with a Zinwell 6 by 8 switch. I think I am on the right track but my problem is that I am a little confused about the 99 & 103 satellites. I have a 71...
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    Direcway 2-way system

    Does anyone here (or know anyone) have use for a Direcway 2-way system still new in the box. My boss thinks its dumpster material, but if someone out there could use it then I would like them to have it.
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    ViP622 picture in and out

    Hey Guys, I have a ViP622 and have been experiencing problems witht the picture coming in and out for about 3-5 seconds about 3-5 times an hour. I have a Superdish with a wing dish for 61.5 and a DPP44 switch. I have swapped the receiver but the problem is persisting. I am using HDMI but I...
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    Dish in apartment buildings

    Does anyone here have experience installing Dish Network in multi-unit apartment buildings? My problem is that the buildings were pre-wired with RG-59 and several tenants are curious about HD. We currently only will install 311's for customer's. I know that there are restrictions on what...
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    Dpp 1000.2

    Hello all, Anyone here had any experience with the new Dish 1000.2. If so, how does it compare to the 1000?
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    Can anyone tell me the difference between ATSC and NTSC, and are Dish Network receivers compatible with either? Thanks!!!