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  1. sundude90

    Welcome Home!

    I know that the Dish Uplink reports haven't been working much, but I'm definitely sad to see them go completely Sent from my iPhone using the SatelliteGuys app!
  2. sundude90

    New Forums?

    I love the idea of a Home automation forum. Probably sub forum or a forum for security (arlo) would be good too. I personally use HomeKit, Alexa, Philips Hue quite a bit myself Sent from my iPhone using the SatelliteGuys app!
  3. sundude90

    SatGuys Reader App no longer working?

    Was it it the firewall?
  4. sundude90

    Site slow this afternoon.

    Thanks Scott.
  5. sundude90

    Site slow this afternoon.

    I believe it might be a Routing issue or DNS issue somewhere. As I can't get to the site at all with my Fairpoint connection. I can, but's very slow with my GWI connection. I can get on through my Fairpoint connection if I connect via my Strong VPN.
  6. sundude90

    Site slow this afternoon.

    It's running slow here in Maine for me. I am on GWI. All other sites seem fine.
  7. sundude90

    Nominations For Best of 2011 Award!

    I nominate Roku, a great product, that keeps on involving.
  8. sundude90

    So... How's It Running?

    So the new server is called, but why does it go the "The List" site when you to in a browser. Also when I do a traceroute, it comes throught as
  9. sundude90

    I will be away next week.

    Have fun Scott & Eva!! Congrats.
  10. sundude90

    Login's Today...

    I got the exact same thing earlier. It's finally working for me now.
  11. sundude90

    Saved LOG ON disappears.

    I have to log in everytime lately on this site.
  12. sundude90

    Pages Sticking

    This sounds a little like another issue that reported in this thread. On that threat, scott posted this " Do as the ISP says and try going to and report back which cloud server the images are being served from. Then go to a dos prompt and do a tracert to...
  13. sundude90

    Strange Issue

    When I am in the Dish Network for example and click on "Forum" near the top, where it says where you are, it leads me back to Main Homepage. Clicking on Forum, does NOT bring me to the forum how it is suppose too
  14. sundude90

    Arcade Work Being Done

    I will when I get back to my computer. Thanks Scott!
  15. sundude90

    Arcade Work Being Done

    It says its turned off for maintenance or something like that.
  16. sundude90

    Arcade Work Being Done

    The Arcade is not working for me.
  17. sundude90

    Notice - System Work Thursday Night

    When it on the Cloud servers it loads faster on TWC Cable Connection, but slower on my School (Mid-Maine Connection). When its on the Servers it's the exact oposite.
  18. sundude90

    Enter To Win a BOXEE BOX by DLINK!

    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to everyone. Thanks for a great year!
  19. sundude90

    SatelliteGuys at CES

    What's the date for CES?
  20. sundude90

    SatelliteGuys 4.0 (upgrade) Problem Thread

    The is a lot faster then the old site. Seems faster at home, work & School. Might be your ISP.