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    Smart card mailing schedule

    I am also in the Charleston-Huntington DMA. You do not need the smartcards to get the HD locals. The trees might not even be an issue. At least from my location (Elkview), the elevation of the wing dish is 45 degrees. I thought I'd have tree problems, but haven't yet. As far as your...
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    hd local additions problem!!!!

    What is your current satellite setup? I currently have a 1000.2 (110,119,129) with a 500 (pointing to 77).
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    hd local additions problem!!!!

    I also live in Charleston, WV. These channels are on the 77W satellite. In order to see it, you either have to have a 1000.4 dish (EA dish) or a wing dish pointed at 77W. If you do have the correct dish setup, you might need the new smartcards in your receivers. I'll find that out tonight...
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    Old Dish 500 for Sat 77?

    Assuming that you already have your smart cards switched, then that should be all you need to do.
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    Old Dish 500 for Sat 77?

    Appreciate the replies. I got a DP dual off ebay and should hopefully get it this week. I also ordered an I adapter as I figure it will make it a little easier to aim as well as look a little better than a Y with an empty slot. Of course, now I have to call Dish, "move" back to my home, and...
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    Old Dish 500 for Sat 77?

    I was just given an old Dish 500 that I want to use to pull my HD locals from the 77 sat. This dish has the legacy LNBF with SW21s at each end. Will this work with my 1000.2 or do I need to buy a DPP Dual LNBF and an "I" adapter?
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    Uplink Activity Report - 11/19/2008 1:02pm - 124 changes

    Seeing as how my locals (Charleston, WV) launched today, can I call them Friday morning to get an EA install? Or do I have to wait longer?
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    Where can I "move" from Charleston WV and get HD locals

    I live in Elkview. Being in Charleston, you are probably getting the 110, 119, and 129 satellites. I "moved" to Atlanta (only Eastern Time Zone city on 129), but I'm not sure how much longer that's going to last before they move the Atlanta locals to 61.5. Until they do, however, you'll get...
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    NEW COMPLAINT THREAD: DISH Network is, hands down, the leader in HD!

    I think it all depends on what your definition of is is.
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    Eastern Arc?

    Nice to see someone else from good ol' Elkview, WV around here.
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    Dish Network Retailer Chat Recap - March 12, 2008

    I second this. I'd like to know if my DMA is even on their radar screen for this year.
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    Ala Carte? No Thanks!

    I think the best way for ala carte to work would be in conjunction with the current channel packaging. For example, I subscribe to AT200, but there are 2 channels in AT250 that I would like to get. $10/mo is too much for two channels, but I'd pay $2 or $3 extra a month for them. Granted, the...
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    "Moving" to Pittsburgh, PA

    As of right now, Atlanta is the only Eastern Time Zone DMA with HD locals on the 129. That's important because the program guide is based on your time zone. Being in Columbus, I don't think you'll be able to pull the SD locals, but you'll get the HD locals for NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX.
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    "Moved" NYC... Heard about Atl...

    Everything on 129 is ConUS at this point.
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    Help With " Moving"

    I'd say Atlanta. You'd need that 129.
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    "Moved" NYC... Heard about Atl...

    Unfortunately, that wouldn't work. 118 is a low-power KSS? satellite that requires a larger dish. There's all kinds of information here on what it takes to get the 118. Just do a search for either 118 or 118.75 and you'll see. When I was deciding where to "move", that was the only reason I...
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    "Moved" NYC... Heard about Atl...

    It appears the Pens play the Thrashers 4 times a year. There's one game left this year (March 2). Pittsburgh's locals are on HD, but they are on the 118 satellite. That requires a 1000+ or a superdish with a repoint kit. Both options will probably require some $$.
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    "Moved" NYC... Heard about Atl...

    Pittsburgh HD locals are on 118.75.
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    Cinamax 1cent deal

    Call back and you might get a CSR that has a clue. I already had paperless and autopay, and they still gave me the deal, though that was in December.
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    Dish HD Locals Update

    That map is a joke. They claim 100 markets in HD by year's end, but there's something like 130 dots on the map.