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    MicroHD, Five LNBs, One 4x1 DiSeqc Switch.

    Using a 1.2M Ku dish with a home made bracket that have 3 LNBs, and a 1M dish with 1 LNB, 1 LNB on a C dish giving me a total of 5 LNBs and five viewable sattelites. Satellites. DiSeqc 97W...
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    Powermax24 Actuator Problem

    Today my Powermax24 actuator shaft became disengaged and Is free moving by hand in the extending direction. It is resting at 78W, and does not move the dish in either direction. Has anyone experienced this problem with their actuator and is this hard to fix?. Any advice or help is...
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    OTA Diplexers and Internet

    I know that diplexers are use with OTA and Satellite systems setup. Is this possible, an OTA antenna with a splitters and coaxes for feeding two Televisions, using two diplexers just like as in a Satellite OTA setup, and using the single internet coax to feed both the computer modem and one of...
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    Best Way To Save Ku and C Satellites Using Diseqc Function?

    I would like to use the Diseqc function for saving the Ku and C satellites. What is the recommended method for doing this. Do I save all the Ku band satellites first, and then come Back and save all the C band satellites... Since the same Diseqc position numbers can be used and assigned for...
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    Up To Date Satellite Channel List With Good Tps?

    Have searched Lyngsat and and a few other websites for an up to date North American satellite channel list with good Tps with no good results...Does anyone have, a good satellite list, and that is willing to share with the members. My satellite channel and Tp list is so corrupted and out of...
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    Signal Strength Bar Goes On and Off

    Having problems locking and maintaining a good constant strength signal on any satellites Tps. Am able to tune into a Tp, see most of the channels associated with that particular Tp, tune to a different channel on another Tp, signal strength bar blinks (turns green) for a split second and...
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    Gbox with microHD Refresher Please

    Stored the satellite positions and renamed the C band satellites into the Gbox. How do I set the microHD to show the channels in the satellite that the Gbox , moved to?. Thank You
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    Sony DSS SAT -A3

    I was giving a Sony Digital Satellite Receiver (DSS SAT-A3), I would like to know if this receiver is of any good use for FTA? I have played with it for about an hour, it seem to have been use in conjunction with a DirecTV box. The receiver came with an access card, which I have removed. So...
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    Twelve volts battery to power microHD and portable twelve volts Tv?

    Any idea as to where to buy a tweve volts battery small and powerful enough to power the microHD and a twelve volts Tv when working outdoors while testing, and setting up a new FTA system. Thanks
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    Highest Quality Signal For A microHD?)

    What would be the highest quality signal expected for a well peaked dish/LNB using the microHD receiver? Thank You.
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    1.2M Stationary Ku Band Dish With Multiple LNBF

    Would like to know if anyone is using 1.2M Ku dish with multiple LNBF. Just made a bracket from a piece of aluminun stock that might make it possible to receive 5 satellites at 4 degrees apart. Will try to aim and view the following satellites, 89W, 93W, 97W, 101W,105W, using 97W as my most...
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    microHD, X2 Premium HD receivers and Titanium PLL-1KS LNB

    Have been testing/playing with the microHD the X2 Premium HD the new Titanium PLL-1KS LNB, and getting very interesting results with the two receivers. When using the microHD with the Titanium PLL-1KS and single scanning of satellites from 72W to 125W, that combination is able to receive most...
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    Using ESX242 C Band LNBF With microHD

    Bought a ESX242 C band LNBF and using it with the microHD, having trouble scanning and missing many TPs in Blind scan...Only using one side/port of the LNBF.... Have to manual scan the TPs to get some to lock in....This is consistant throught out the full scanning of the Satellites and...
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    Mini-Budding On 97W With Fair Results.

    Ok. After pondering and prosponing plans to switch LNBFs with both of the offset (Commercial 1.2M and the 1.0M) dished, decided to play with the 1.2M dish and the GEOSATpro CK1 LNBF, Viewsat Ultra to see if it could pickup some of the C band satellites from 97W First of all I am using only...
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    APID, VPID Question.

    Using the microHD and are missing too many channels while scanning certain TPs....Noticed that when TPs are scanned and found, there is sometimes few channels that do not show at all, is this caused by the APID and VPID not being of the right values. It is strange that out of the same TP that...
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    Something Not Quite Right.

    Re-Installed 1.M dish with SG120 motor, Invacom QPH-031 and the microHD, and weird things are happening...The motor at times does not move, motor indicator sign says that is it "moving" but no satellites or channels are found. Tried to multisatellites scanned from 72W to 116W, the receiver's...
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    Please Review Of How To Extract UDF File From Factory Firmware Abs File

    I have forgotten the steps of how to extract a udf. file from a factory firmware asb. file. The udf file that I have acess to is old, and would like to have an extracted udf file from the newest factory firmware abs file. Am I making sence.:) Thanks
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    Is A Para Todos LNB Good For The Present FTA Useage

    Can my Para Todos comparable LNB be good enough to be used for the group of FTA satellites in use now. Thanks
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    Looking For A Good Dual Port C Band LNBF

    I am looking for a dual C band LNBF to replace my DMX741 LNBF, to be used with a ChannelMaster Quad switch. Right now I am using the Commercial 1.2M Ku dish and two Ku LNBF with the ChannelMaster switch and pointed to 97W. The DMX741 is only scanning very few channels with the 6' dish since...
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    Useage of YouTube with the X2 Premium

    Just wondering if any member is having problems viewing YouTube videos while using the X2 Premium receiver, if so what is needed to be done for accomplishing this task...No problem in obtaining the Weather information, so far just the YouTube portion. Thanks