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    RSN app coming

    Looks like we'll be getting another option since Dish won't add it.
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    Amazon Echo not working with Hopper 3

    Everything was working fine yesterday and today nothing. Alexa keeps saying it can't communicate. I reset everything and upgraded everything. Is it just me?
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    Thinking about upgrading to the Hopper

    I've used a 211 for ten plus years and saw the Hopper will soon work with Amazon Echo. My question is should I buy the Hopper or just lease it? Thanks
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    What will Dish do about HBO?

    Now that HBO NOW pricing is announced will Dish follow suit and charge the same $14.99?
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    Showtime on the way out?

    I went to look up my Premium upgrades and noticed Showtime does not have an Order Now button or price. It has also been removed from the bundle section. Is Showtime leaving?
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    Timer problem

    Hi. I have a VIP211 and my automatic timers have stopped working. I restarted my machine and did a hard reset to no avail. Any other suggestions I should try? Thanks in advance
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    Dish Anywhere App

    Has anyone complained about the App not working with the new ios 8? Just wondering if I should see if I can get some sort discount or free upgrade.
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    HBO & Cinemax bundle

    Just thought I'd pass this deal along if you didn't know. Dish has a special promotion for HBO and Cinemax. If you will add them, you will have both premium packages for only $20/month, good for 6 months. You will also receive access to and so that you can take your shows...
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    Fox Sports Ohio

    I enjoy watching the Cincinnati Reds in HD and 7 out of the last 8 games have been in SD. To top it all off, I missed a no-hitter in HD TONIGHT! I am so frustrated right now. Anyone now if DirecTv plays Fox sports Ohio in HD? I'm getting tired of Dish!
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    Programming Help/Advice

    I am currently getting the dishHD Absolute programming for $29.99. I love the HD and with baseball coming up I wanted to watch my local Fox Sports Network. Unforunately I'd have to switch programming to Top 120 plus for $44.99 + $10.99 HD. What would your advice be? Should I switch?