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    How do i order Directv from canada

    Seems to me that if D* can't legally sell it's product in Canada, and people can't legally buy thier product in Canada, then it must be illegal in Canada. If it's illegal, it's piracy. If it's piracy, it violates the rules of this site. Is this really that far removed from buying a hacked...
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    DirecTV installer: Won't run line using flat coax coupler

    I'd never install anything HD with flat cable. It's just not good enough to carry the full signal.
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    How do i order Directv from canada

    Four pages on how to violate D*s TOS? Why hasn't this thread been closed? Illegal or not, it's against D*s policies, and that should be reason enough not to have this discussion at this site.
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    Installers thinking they can do what they want

    According to this form, unless the customer's lease includes provisions for satellite, the customer is allowed to give consent.
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    Majority of HD channels no-go on new installation

    It may not be in the settings yet. We were told there would be a software release with the SWM setting in it, I don't know if it has come out yet.
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    Majority of HD channels no-go on new installation

    We were told that BBCs were only needed if running off the legacy side of an SWM.
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    Majority of HD channels no-go on new installation

    From what I've heard, the splitter isn't needed. Try removing it and plugging the line into input 1. Go through your setup again and it should see the swm switch and let you run both tuners off the 1 line. Our office hasn't done anything with the swm switches yet, but I'm pretty sure this is...
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    Anything "cool" I can do with two old satellite dishes?

    Make a really big set of mouse ears. If anyone asks, tell them you get free Disney channel with them.
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    Pole mount for Slimline.

    Grab the 3 lnb dish, drive a pole into the ground just enough to be stable in the location you wish to try. Get a piece of coax long enough to reach the receiver and point the 3 lnb dish where you are considering the slimline. Since it's just the 119 that's in question, you'll know if you have...
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    PPV Refund

    Years ago I did receive a credit from E* for a weather related outage. They were very clear that this was a one time only credit and next time I should check the forcast before ordering an event.
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    Reset Required Every Day

    What type of receiver do you have? There were software issues at one time that caused issues similar to this.
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    DirectTV internal switch replacement? Where to get one?

    Cheapest thing to do would be call D* and tell them you want to return but no longer have the dish. They'll send out an installer and put up a brand new one for free.
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    ? about old RG6 cabling with new HD install

    One thing I didn't see stated was the type of connection between the receiver and TV. That would be where you'd see a difference in picture quality.
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    New install question

    Any TV with at least composite inputs. HD receivers do not have RF outputs.
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    103c failed. How can I catch the signal?

    probably a bad bbc then.
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    103c failed. How can I catch the signal?

    Any chance of there being a splitter or diplexer in the line? If you have the dish peaked on 101 and 119, you should be seeing something on the 103. you may also try a forced software update. reset the receiver, when the first screen comes up, press 02468 on the remote. It may be that you...
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    103c failed. How can I catch the signal?

    first, what are your signals on the other sats? just ok isn't saying a whole lot. all other signals should be 90+.
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    Is this a good deal?

    The way it was put to me was that the $19.95 shipping was to defray the cost of shipping from the D* warehouse to the local one.
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    Is the DirectV Plus Receiver compatible with a The Triple LNB dish ?

    I for one have NEVER installed a 5 lnb dish on a job without HD receivers. While most people that visit forums will eventually move to HD, there's still millions of people out there that never will. At least not while D* still carries sd channels. It would be the height of stupidity to put a...