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    Missing Channels and Shows Logos

    The logos for all channels disappear and reappear at random. They go away for like a day or so and but they come back eventually. They do not appear on the Guide or while watching and you press "cancel" to show program info. The same happens to the recorded shows including Prime Time. Well, this...
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    Recover recordings after reformatting?

    My Hopper had the "Hard Drive Failure" message 760. It said all recordings have been lost and it needs to be reformatted. My daughter pressed OK and it seems it is working fine as a DVR. I did not have an external HD attached to the Hopper, is there anyway I can recover the lost recordings? A...
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    Fox Soccer 390 showing unsubscribed and BeIN 392 is only showing in SD; after moving channels

    Your help and ideas are sought. I tried DIRT and chatting and both did not work. I have Latino Max, 2H2J, and receiving satellites 118 110 129 119. One hopper is on v234 and the other is on v238. Channels 406 FSC and 408 BeIN were moved to 390 and 392 last Wed. Since then, I have been...
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    DISH website says "Latino Sports"...Any idea?

    Dish website, on the Perks--> New Channels,, refers to a package called "Latino Sports" that Universal Sports 402 is part of. I have Latino Max and I have never heard of such a package. I also do not believe they mean it is part of the Latino packages...
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    Realigning Dish 1000+ for 118 Only, help!

    I am in the Corpus Christi, TX area. I have what I assume to be Dish 1000+, after looking at the pics, with four sat 110, 118, 119, 129 since I am getting international programming as well. I looked at the Excel sheet for signal thresholds and everything looks around the average. I have been...
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    Installation...Internet..HIC hissing....Overpowered System? Help.

    I had a 2H/2J system installed today as follows: 4 Satellite outputs ---> DP44 switch ---> Port 1 to Power Inserter and other 3 O/P ports to ----> Duo Node ---> Host 1 to tap--> to Hopper 1 and a splitter ---> to Joey 1 and Joey 2 Hopper 2 is connected to Duo Node's Host 2. Caps on Client 1...
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    2 hoppers off a single tap, OK?

    Is it ok to feed two hoppers off a single duo node host output via a tap? Duo node host output 1 ----> tap ----> 2 hoppers. This is for a 2H/2J system.
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    2H/2J for $100....some questions

    Ok, I was talking to Loyalty regarding the Roku then I asked about the Hopper upgrade, I was offered 2H/2J for $100 total including installation...etc. I had some questions, did a forum search and found good answers to most but I have a few questions for the experts here: a) Is this a good...
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    How Hopper/Joey can help my setup?

    I read the sticky thread and on Hopper but I am a little confused with the features Hopper can add to my existing setup especially with HD on all TVs. Currently, I have one 722k feeding 4 HDTVs; TV1 in living, and TV2 feed in SD to all 3 TVs through the house built-in cable wiring. Now...