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    Got an Azbox ultra on order, really looking forward to it.Was wondering if it would be possible to tether cell phone to ultra for internet?
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    FREE DBS???

    So FreeDbs didn't follow thru with their commitment. I figured it was too good to be true. Was an explanation given, or was it money under the table from the big boys just to go away quietly as I predicted from the get go?
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    Now that it is cooling down I am getting ready to move my 10 ' dish. Where it sits now I am limited to about 50.0 w. When I move it I still won't have full spectrum but should gain maybe 25 to 30 degrees. Is it worth the move? I know I will have to go circular, How much more do ya think I will...
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    Better for ku (bud or solid)?

    I live in Texas, was wondering if I would actually pick up anything more by using a 7.5 fine mesh bud dish and having to go thru the extensive setup process or would a 39" solid dish get pretty much everything out there?
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    Question about Digicipher 2

    I have a Pansat 9200, I blind scanned galaxy 23 and picked up a few channels that are listed at lyngsat under a digicipher 2 column. I thought you had to have a 4dtv receiver to get those. Am I wrong in this thinking?
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    I Screwed Up Big Time!!!

    I thought I would bite the bullet and break down and get a good lnb because I couldn't understand what was the best lnb to get. I got a dual feed chaparal feed horn and a norsat lnb. I thought the feed horn meant dual feed as in would take the horizontal and vertical simultaneously and feed the...
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    lnb and dish setup

    I have a 10 ft mesh dish with a center lnb support that i can adjust in or out. I have geosat lnbf mounted, so when I got the dish i just mounted the lnbf on the existing mounting distance and had to move lnb in ( was about 3" sticking out from scalar ring). I thought since the lnb should stick...
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    c/ku combo question

    If I get a c/ku band lnb that is receiver controlled polarity then I would only need the wires just to run my actuator and if this correct which lnb would you guys suggest?
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    Question about blind scan

    I have my 8' aluminum dish with a chaparrel lnb on it and ready to set the pole. I have a viewsat ultra for my ku 31" dish already set up. My question is I am wondering if I should get the gbox to go with my viewsat or get a merc II which is not a big price difference if the merc will work...
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    Which direction do I go?

    Hey guys Looks like I may fixing to score a 10' mesh dish. May also be getting a houston tracker receiver with it. I figure the receiver is obsolete but may be used just to power the actuator if need be? What in your opinion is the best way to go as far as receiver, lnb and anything else I may...