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    Problem with access

    When accessing the pub backroom, I am asked for my password, but for some reason my password does not work anymore. I have rebuilt my computer and lost a lot of information due to loosing a hard drive. Could you check and see why I am not allowed, I did pay my yearly dues.
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    Quick question about my True South

    I'm setting up a 90M Channel Master Dish with a SG9120-B motor. I redesigned and made my own mount on the back of my dish. My location is Lat - 37.1° N Long. 84.6° W. If I figure it right, my True South should be pointing in the direction of satellite AMC 16 ku band at 85° W. Is this correct...
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    Question about wildfeeds & equipment

    I have a CaptiveWorks 4000HD and a CW700. I need to know if the 700 with blind scan will receive the wildfeed signals? I know I need to install a card into the 4000HD for it to work with DVBS-2. I have a 90M Channel master dish with a 0.2db universal LNBF and will have the motor for it tomorrow...
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    What should I use?

    Hello everyone, hope you had a great day. I have a Channel Master dish mold 90M-1 and I am getting ready to order a motor for it. I am wanting to get as many channels as possible on this dish, so would a INVACOM QPH-31 be the best LNBF for this setup? I also looked into the mini bud setup but...