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    DIRECTV app and streaming

    I cannot seem to make this work. Cannot stream to my iPad in the house or to my iPhone out of the house. The info menu says my iPad and iPhone are connected to the receiver, however both iPad and iPhone say the are not connected to the receiver. I have internet connection working at the...
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    iPhone mobile dvr

    i cannot get my iPhone to register to my Genie, any suggestions? I have restarted the genie, the phone, deleted to app and reinstalled. Without registering I cannot seem to see my local networks.
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    Streaming apps

    so my local abc and directv are in a dispute. I have been able to see most ABC programs via the streaming on directv, however that is no longer working, only ABC, I assume due to the retransmission issue. I can download the iPad ABC app but it tells me to log in with a directv email. I am pretty...
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    retransmission issues

    In my local market, ABC is not viewable due to a retransmission issue. Is direct able to offer national ABC feeds in these circumstances. sure would be nice to be able to watch ABC programming. I can watch them on ABC on demand but are behind on the directv on demand, the ABC app for...
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    Wireless Genie Install

    Hello all. was a dish sub the past few years, with ATT merger we changed to Direct. just had my install Thursday. Installer would not use the RG59 in the house, and instead did a wireless Genie install. what I have found is that the wireless clients are slower in responsiveness, go to change...
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    Bug or Normal Behavior....either way DISH please fix this.

    When you start of recorded program from the begining, while it is still recording, then stop it, why do I not have a resume feature from another tv? Example wife starts show in the basement while doing laundry, show starts recording at 8:00pm, its now 8:25. Shes done with laundry at 8:45pm...
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    Genie and cable

    Can these signals be combined? If I cannot get my locals via antenna or directv but can get a basic local cable package how would it work?
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    Node failure?

    Can you help me out? Our hopper worked fine last night. This am when we turn it on says acquiring signal. Will not advance. Tried to reset via button, tried to unplug for a few minutes, no luck. Did a check switch and it won't even recognize the node or dish, just shows all red x in the place...
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    Cannot log into Blockbuster@home website

    Anyone else having this issue? Cannot log in to manage my q......havent received the last dish shipped. I am about dont with BB@home.
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    Hopper OTA What antenna

    I have looked at antennaweb to find a good antenna for my situation. I am having trouble and thought maybe some of you can recommend an antenna. Channels 10, 13, 14, 24, and 40 are about 72 miles from my home. Channel 25 is 36 miles. What would be the best antenna? UHF, VHF, Combination...
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    North Dakota Locals Bismarck/Minot/Dickinson DMA

    Minot, ND stations PBS KSREDT 6.1 KSREDT2 6.2 KSREDT3 6.3 KSREDT4 6.4 NBC KMOTDT 10.1 CBS KXMCDT 13.1 ABC KMCYDT 14.1 FOX KXNDDT 24.1 Does directv carry any minot stations or just the Bismarck stations?
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    Tech visit gone wrong!

    We bought a new home a month ago. The month prior (October) we set up a tech visit to our new home in November (as there were not closer dates for use to select). This initial appt was set up for November 12. A family emergency came up and we had to reschedule and due to "a limited number of...
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    Home Media Questions

    I have the hopper and I have a windows 7 pc. The hopper sees the computer and plays files that I have on the computer, pictures, music, movies. The question I have, and I am not finding, is this...when I have a new song or movie, how do I get it to show up on the hopper. IE the wife downloaded...
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    Hopper + Sling = NO PTAT Recordings

    From my sling, via the dishnetwork iphone app, I cannot find any of the PTAT recordings? Anyone else know about this, if they are available or not? Thanks Dustin
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    EHD on hopper drops off?

    Why is my ehd not available on my hopper? I connect the ehd and it works fine at first, 24-48 hours later it won't show up. If I unplug it and plug it back in, then it works fine for another 24-48 hours before its no longer available. Any help?
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    Hopper Install, Moving, etc

    So we moved to a rental while we build a new house. I called dish to install a hopper setup at our rental. The soonest they say they can come in and install is Sept 10th. THey gave me the hopper on a deal, reduced monthly cost, half price install. I have talked to a local installer who said...
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    Dish 722 dumps guide data often

    Third time in a week this has happened. I checked the guide at about 530pm shows set to record. We left the house and did some things outside, weather is picture perfect, dish is connected to battery backup so no power supply issues. Came home about 845pm to see none of the shows have...
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    Dish Remote Access for Blackberry

    Any word on when this will be out of Beta and available for more Blackberry models other than the 4 in beta testing?
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    KNDX Fox - Bismarck, Minot DMA is without FOX

    RIGHT BEFORE FOOTBALL SEASON TOO!!!! :mad: DISH Network is attempting contract negotiations with Prime Cities, the owner of your local FOX station. The broadcasting company is demanding DISH Network pay an outrageous rate increase of more than 500% to continue carrying the station. DISH...
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    Raining....loss of dish signal

    Its cloudy, raining here. My signal is only in the 40's for 110 and 119 and in the mid 50's on 129. The dish is a 1000.2 Does this seem to be low or does it seem to be an average signal strength when its cloudy? The tv keeps cutting in and out, I have never had this issue before I got my...