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  1. penguinsix

    Cafeteria Subscriptions

    Tell her you are with the CIA. My neighbors all think that when they see my dishes and other antennas sticking out of my house.
  2. penguinsix

    Is adjusting your dish every 6-9 months "normal"?

    Hi I live on the top of a cliff so I have a bit of wind and weather (which might be the cause) but it seems every 6-9 months I've got to go out to the pole and twist things a bit. Today the whole dish 'assembly' had shifted about 1/2 inch to the west (i.e. with the wind) following a big...
  3. penguinsix

    FTA and Olympics

    NBC is going to show 1,400 hours of the Olympics this year across many different properties, including NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, Telemundo, Oxygen, plus more online. It's going to be a bit crazy. An additional 2,200 will be online only. CCTV-5 out of China is their primary Olympic channel. It is not...
  4. penguinsix

    Globecast WorldTV box dead

    Is there any sort of reset or anything that could start up a WorldTV Globecast box? The other day mine was turned off with the ---- across the faceplate, and I went to turn it on and then it powered off, completely, and won't turn back on. Unplug, replug, no dice, no lights, no nothing. I...
  5. penguinsix

    completely lost 97

    That's what I was going to think. They're pretty close and when adjusting it's more than possible to get the two confused. There are a few Chinese channels on 97. DAI-TV (Love soap operas) MAC-TV Taiwan (comes and goes), and NTD-TV (Falun Gong tv, which has lots of Chinese soap operas...
  6. penguinsix

    completely lost 97

    CCTV is on 95W (still) despite threats to remove it and rely instead on SatMex. However, perhaps it is worth noting that in the last 72 hours I've had some strange problems too with CCTV. USALS was just not getting it and I had to flip over and step around a little to the East to get some...
  7. penguinsix

    CCTV leaving G3 soon

    CCTV is always doing silly stuff. Remember a few years ago where they were mandating everyone buy an officially approved CCTV receiver? Now they were trying to get people to buy their Dish package or IPTV service.
  8. penguinsix

    CCTV leaving G3 soon

    FWIW, the just ran a 'scroll' across the bottom of CCTV 4 (in Chinese) that confirmed the April 1 date as the switchover to Echostar and Rogers Cable. They also advertised an online IP solution as well. Not sure if the other signals on other birds will be affected.
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    CCTV leaving G3 soon

    New link now says April 1 CCTV International
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    Anyone Heard of the "SelfSat" Satellite Antenna?

    Tad confused. Does this thing allow you to pick up all satellites at the same time (i.e. the same as a motorized dish) or is it just capable of receing 'any' satellite so long as it is pointed right. The user manual said something about skewing the flat dish manually on the pole, so I was kind...
  11. penguinsix

    PressTV to launch

    I've been seeing teasers for awhile on IA/T-5 (or whatever it is now, G25?). PressTV, the Iranian English Language 24 news channel, is set to go live now. Haven't looked this morning though, but saw this in the BBC
  12. penguinsix

    How much does it cost to have your own channel on an FTA bird?

    Thanks for all the replies. That's a lot of carpets...
  13. penguinsix

    How much does it cost to have your own channel on an FTA bird?

    So, say I had the content and wanted to start my own TV station, broadcasting FTA to the US on IA-5 or whatever it is called now. How much is 24/7 transponder space? I asked because I'm curious but also because I wonder how some of those carpet salesman manage to pay for their always on 'buy...
  14. penguinsix

    Atlantic Bird 1?

    I have an obstructed view of the East Coast (live on the water) and have yet to hit those bird (mainly because I'm too lazy to poke around). France 24 was spoken about in the invite only forum. People in NY and DC can get it over cable (MHZ Networks) but I sent an email to the engineer who...
  15. penguinsix

    Winter is over and I get 1/2 of the arc?

    Hi, Well this is a bit strange (or maybe not). But I've noticed recently that I can only get from SBS-6 to birds 'West', but not to any of those East. T5, G3, AMC3(?) all seem to be ok, but when I try something like PAS9ku, I get nothing. AMAzonas--nothing (though I guess it is dead)...
  16. penguinsix

    CCTV gone?

    Oh well...back now. Kind of odd. My other channels from G3 were all fine, just these were gone.
  17. penguinsix

    CCTV gone?

    Turned on the tv this morning and all three of my CCTVs (CCTV-4, CCTV-9 and CCTV E&F) were black. They are normally on G3 for me and I hope they aren't doing something silly like flipping over exclusively to Dish or something. Anyone else having any luck, or just some temporary thing?
  18. penguinsix

    newbie question about Setanta sports

    Setanta is also pretty cutting edge when it comes to IPTV. You can buy an IPTV box for the same price as subscribing to Globecast (though without the Globecast hardware requirement). Check the setanta website.
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    Al Jazeera English live on Wed.

    Yea, it is live. Live and pretty boring so far....
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    How to unpaint a dish?

    Thanks for the tip. I had the acetone on for only a few seconds just to get out the last 'tint' of paint. Much of it evaporated on contact, so it seemed. It also smells unreal, and I was almost overtaken by the fumes (I knocked over the dish and it spilled onto the ground). Maybe the quick...