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    The Case of the Stubbornly Silent Channel

    Dear All, I am a Pansat 9200HD owner who wanted a better machine. I bought an AZ Box Premium HD Plus. Compared to the 9200HD, it is wonderful. It works very slowly, but it shows me channels that the Pansat could never have displayed. One of these channels is silent. Every attempt to give...
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    New Owner AZ Box Premium HD Plus

    Dear ALL, Please disregard this message's prior content. The impasse I had reached was largely of my own doing. White man have egg on face. As I said in that earlier content, I have bought an AZ Box Premium HD Plus, but was encountering severe trouble. Last night, my lady suggested that I...
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    What Has Happened to the 4DTV Forum?

    Dear All, I looked at my Apple Safari web-site and saw the page for the 4DTV Forum. It told me that there are no messages in it. I then looked at the appropriate location for this particular Forum, and it was not there. What has happened? Sincerely, Gordon F. Corbett
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    16904.1 Dear All, I am sorry to bother you with this, but I have just discovered something that I should have learned as a newbie. I have a Pansat 9200HD. I have "slaved" it to our DSR-920. The Pansat's Antenna Setup window has several controls. One is the "DiseQ" control. There are...
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    How about The "Me?"

    Dear All, I took a look at the OpenSat web-site, to see what their "Me" receiver offers. I cannot understand most of their explanation, except that when I finished, I could almost believe that buying a "Me" would let me surf the Clarke Belt effortlessly. Sadly, I do not trust that impression...
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    Has PBS Nebraska Disappeared from T-4 / G-28 600?

    Dear All, Today we tried to tune in to T-4 / G-28 600 to watch the weekly broadcast of Guy Lombardo's wonderful program. Zilch. Nothing comes in. I have tried repeatedly, using the normal tools of azimuth and skew, to find it. I have even tried using my MPEG-2/DVB receiver's...
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    Does a Positioner Exist that Controls Azimuth and Skew?

    Dear All, To prepare for a visit from the gentleman who occasionally lubricates and regulates our dish, I was considering the purchase of some new LNBs and of a new feedhorn to hold them. Then, it occurred to me that when our 4DTV DSR-920's battery dies, we should have a positioner to...
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    Transition from 4DTV to What Kind of Dish Mover?

    Dear All, Our Pansat 9200HD is slaved to our Motorola DSR-920 4DTV receiver. When I heard that on 31.XII.10, Motorola would stop support for our DSR-920, I figured that maybe I could turn lemons into lemonade by buying a new dish mover that would let our Pansat 9200HD "see" the satellites...
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    "Inter Russia"

    Dear All, My Pansat 3500s has somehow become unable to bring in SatMex 5's channel "Inter Russia" at 4123 H, although I have been watching the channel every so often for some months. My receiver's age has made it tough to bring in, but after X days of non-performance, I was able to watch it...
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    Pansat 9200HD + DVB-S2 Blind Search Module

    Dear All, I hope that I am posting this query in the right place. I have been struggling with my Pansat 3500s for four years now. I have had it repaired once, and those repairs are still working; nevertheless, the machine has aged. If I want to watch MPEG-2/DVB transmissions, I must...
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    A Re-Worked Tune

    Dear Fellow Members, These words are new, but they fit an old tune. It may leave you with a heady feeling! Ode to the BUD "When we say BUD, we say a lot of things the little dish can't say. "When we say BUD, we mention clarity and variety the cheapest way! "We make no sacrifice...