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    SatelliteGuys.US Turns 9

    Happy Birthday Satellite Guys. I started visiting the site when I became a Dish customer but now just coem back for the wealth of information on almost any topic.
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    CONTEST: Guess when VIACOM Returns to DIRECTV

    July 30th 7 AM
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    IMG 1.9 Release

    So far the whole family likes it. Even the 6 year old understands how nice the feature is. One thinng I have noticed, and it may have been in the release notes somewhere, is that the chaptering on a DVR program only works if you are watching the program on the DVR that it was recorded on.
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    IMG 1.9 Release

    Yep, I am in Pittsburgh and have received the update. So far so good for me. I had a little trouble getting the Home Media DVR set up as I am doing that for the first time but oncce it was set up it works like a charm.
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    IMG 1.9 Release

    Thanks Cobra.
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    IMG 1.9 Release

    Hey tnsprin, how did you find out that the 1.9a has started to roll out? I am hoping to be the next VHO that is goes out to.
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    Disgruntled DirecTV customer.

    Agree with all of you. I had Comcastfor years then Dish for two. I switceh to FIOS almost two tyears ago and never looked back. I did not have a big problem with Dish but as Super Dave said the picture quality and price for the triple bundle is unbeatable. With the new changes in 1.9 the Dvr...
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    DVR 7232 ?

    thanks Sat Gal. I was pleasantly surprised when it showed up he next ay. The bad news is that I was not really prepared to get the old shows off the DVR and do the set up. Took a few extra days but the set up was nice and easy. So far I love it. I think my VHO (11) might be next to get the...
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    DVR 7232 ?

    If you are an existing FIOS TV customer you can go to the website and get your name on a list to find out when the 7232 will be availabel in your area. If you log into Select My Verizon Services from the top menu then seledct TV\ My Tv then you will see a link for Set...
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    IMG 1.9 Release

    I see that the IMG 1.9 release if finally going to rollout. I read on the verizon forum today that it will begin rolling out to Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany and Harrisburg initially. I also read in the release notes that the Multi Room DVR will work between DVR's which is a nice feature. The hard...
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    CONTEST - Enter to Win: GEOSATpro DVR1100c w/15GB HDD, 90cm Dish - Complete System

    A favorite Fall activity of mine growing up was going to the Brookfield haunted House. Once I was not too scared to go in!
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    So how is FIOS TV & DVR?

    I can only speak for the FIOS DVR....20 hours of HD recording capacity. You can use Multi Room to watch HD in another room if you have an HD box on the other end. I would prefer that you could use Multi Room from DVR to DVR so you could increase the capacity a little bit. The interface is ok...
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    So how is FIOS TV & DVR?

    It is really a personal preference but I made the switch from E to FIOS. The HD is excellent and the SD is pretty good as well. The DVR will take some getting used to unless you go with Tivo. My family likes the premium channels so that woks to our advantage as alot of them are in HD.
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    Anybody got the on-screen Caller ID yet?

    I am in Pennsylvania so we do not have it yet but I will tell you that I am looking forward to this. We had it with our last provider and it really is a nice/convenient feature when I am downstairs without a cordeless phone and I do not feel like running up the stairs to see who it is. I am...
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    Roku Launches New Channel Store with 10 New Channels

    My forced update went smooth, as expected. I have never heard of most of those channels. I am really enjoying pandora so far. Listening to Holiday music with the extended family over. Can't wait to check out the rest of the channels.
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    Comcast Tech Support Phone Number

    Thanks for the response. Turns out it was a powered splitter that was causing an issue with the box. The tech did not charge for the visit which was nice of him.
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    Comcast Tech Support Phone Number

    Is there a direct number to reach knowledgable tech support at Comcast? A buddy of mine is hooking up a receiver for his poarents and is getting "the channel will be available shortly' message. They are going from basic cable with no box to digital. The cable comes into the receiver then out...
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    EPIX is coming to FiOS!

    Any idea how long the free preview will last?
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    MLB EI Free Preview

    I have heard that FIOS is showing a free preview of the MLB Extra Innings package starting yesterday or today. I will be able to confirm this once I get hoime from work. Try channel 1474 for HD.
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    New HD channels in June...

    I have guide info in Pittsburgh.