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  1. Todd Wiedemann

    Looking for FTA dish mounting hardware

    Hi, all -- I'm looking to remount my motorized FTA dish but have a slight issue. When I went to loosen the bolts, I discovered they were seized. I need the brackets and cannot find them locally. See the highlighted pic for details. Thanks for the potential help. Todd.
  2. Todd Wiedemann

    What means internet/interactive?

    WildBlue is a satellite delivered Internet Service Provider. It's satellite location is at 111.1W. (AnikF2) and is resident on the transponders noted at LyngSat.
  3. Todd Wiedemann

    Fortec Star Mercury II $85 - Holiday Special - Satellite AV

    :D I plan on picking one up on 1/2/2008 as well. I was just a little nervous when you posted that. Thanks !
  4. Todd Wiedemann

    Fortec Star Mercury II $85 - Holiday Special - Satellite AV

    Huh. What does this show you ? SATELLITE RECEIVER HOLIDAY SPECIAL - SatelliteAV, LLC. I show that the price is valid until 1/3/2008
  5. Todd Wiedemann

    SatelliteAV / Fortec System Giveaway

    Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 - USA
  6. Todd Wiedemann

    Enter to Win: GEOSATpro 1.2M Motorized Dish with C/KU LNBF

    Amc3 - Aptn - 3725h - 4167
  7. Todd Wiedemann

    Feedback greatly appreciated

    Pete - I moved your post to the MPEG2 / FTA section. Do a little bit of reading here regarding satellite pointing. It can be very tricky and require a lot of patience.
  8. Todd Wiedemann

    cannot get 110 or 119 using coolsat 5000, ICEBERG, please advice

    What do you plan on watching on "110" or "119" with a standard LNBF ? The "autoroll" comment get you banned and this thread locked.
  9. Todd Wiedemann

    LEGIT firmware upgrade

    My Fortec Lifetime uses a straight-through cable. YMMV, but I'd bet that the Ultra was the same.
  10. Todd Wiedemann

    Any new about the invacom QPH-031Quad Polar LNB (CP LP)

    I'd love to win the other one !! :D
  11. Todd Wiedemann

    Advanced Scan

    Are you a member of "What's Up There ?" If so, I'll move this thread in there and perhaps you could add Frequency and SR ?? :D
  12. Todd Wiedemann

    UonTV - You on TV (Obviously)

    Bump. Ice (or anyone with a blind scan) ... they show a program on their website today, "The Jamie Show" Have we found the TP on IA5 yet ?
  13. Todd Wiedemann

    Not worth WUT, but...

    During the hurricanes last year I was watching a Weather Channel feed with a lovely young meteorologist. She, in talking to control I assume, mentioned that it was so windy she had to be anchored down. There must have been doubt from the receiving end of the conversation because the camera...
  14. Todd Wiedemann

    Poor satellite dish

    The question is: What were your signal levels ?? I'm sure you checked. :D
  15. Todd Wiedemann

    Why shouldn't I get in FTA???

    Welcome to SatelliteGuys ! Well, you need a decent line of sight to the Clarke belt to "see" the satellites ... basically, what's your southern view like ??
  16. Todd Wiedemann

    Invacom SNH-031 LNBF

    Hey guys, where are these available for purchase ?
  17. Todd Wiedemann

    Sat Antenna Cable

    Welcome to !! We're happy you're here ! Use RG-6, and for best results use compression ends. You can get a compression installation tool for ~$15. The ends are readily available as well.
  18. Todd Wiedemann

    36" Fortec Dish...anybody using one?

    More incentive to catch a Twins/Brewers game at Miller Park. :D
  19. Todd Wiedemann

    36" Fortec Dish...anybody using one?

    I wish you guys were closer ... I need to re-aim. I get nothing west of 97. East of there pegs the meter.