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    Fake call from Directv?

    A buddy of mine got a phone call from I am guessing one of these guys and offered him HBO, Cinemax, Showtime for $4.99 for 3 months and added Sunday Ticket for the rest of the year and had him do a one year commitment. I wish they would call me with that deal.
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    HR-20 DVR Recording Issue

    What if live viewing is not fine?
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    HR-20 DVR Recording Issue

    I am having a similar issue, I think mine is related to a SWM install that I just had. Basically whenever something is recording and I go to watch it during the time it is recording I will get a Searching for signal on Satellite 1 message. When the show is over the channel will show correctly...
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    What we are hearing...

    Scott, that ain't right!
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    Any specials running now for current customers?

    I used the movers connection and got a good deal. Free Premier for 4 months, Sunday ticket, no HD or DVR Fees for 6 months and got another HD-DVR for 99.00 and a free standard DVR. I now have 3 HD-DVR's and 1 standard DVR. I am pretty happy. The best part about it, I didn't even ask for it...
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    HR 21 won't play recorded show

    I have had that happen to me as well, a reboot of the receiver fixes it for me.
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    Considering a Mac questions...

    Food for thought. Machinist: Tech Blog, Tech News, Technology Articles - Salon
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    Considering a Mac questions...

    You know what they say, "once you go Mac, you never go back."
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    Want HD DVR, need help getting it for $99

    I got mine totally free, free shipping, installation. I just called and asked if they could beat their online price and she said if I re-upped for two years I could get it free.
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    Question about programming

    Thank you so much for your response!
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    Question about programming

    I have just decided to upgrade my HD Tivo to the HR20, I got it totally free and didn't have to pay shipping. When I get the unit will my programming plan change? I currently have Total Choice Plus, HD service and DVR service. I didn't know if they would make me change to Plus HD DVR. If...
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    New install today.........HR20 remote won't work regularly

    I had an issue once to where I had a remote that would not work, I noticed when I turned the light out it worked fine, when it was on it was real spotty. I had one of those energy efficient lights almost flourescent. You might want to check that. Just a thought.
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    Question for Memphis area customer

    Jerry I live in Marion. Is there a way I can tell if I can get those channels by looking in the guide? If so I'd be more than happy to look for you.
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    Post your Wii Codes

    My code: 2755 3250 4935 1881
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    Someone in Memphis w/ NFLST please reply

    i don't have Sunday ticket but the titans games are shown locally in Memphis.
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    Need help choosing a DirectTV receiver

    I have a RCA DTC-210 that I need to sell PM me if you are interested, even if you are an Ole Miss fan! GO VANDY!!!!!! Just kidding, I'm a Memphis fan and we should have won a couple of weeks back.
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    Fs: Rca Dtc-210

    I have a RCA DTC-210 HD receiver for sale. It comes with the manual, remote and I can throw in some cables. Asking, $150 (includes shipping). PM if you are interested. It works perfectly, I just got a HD-TIVO.
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    $299 HD-DVR w/ $100 rebate

    I finally couldn't stand it, so they are coming in Monday afternoon to do the install. The guy I spoke to didn't give me any credits or programming adjustments, I asked him if I qualified for anything else and he said I didn't and he was suprised I qualified for the deal in the first place...
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    $299 HD-DVR w/ $100 rebate

    I didn't get the GREAT deals that some of you have been getting. I called twice, first offered me $399 with $100 MIR, second offered $299 with mail-in. They offered no kind of programming credit either, I have never been late on payment, guess I just haven't been there long enough (since Jan)...
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    $299 HD-DVR w/ $100 rebate

    I totally crapped out, they offered me $399 with a $100 rebate.