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  1. 69Mustang

    Sony drops PS listed price

    Sony dropped the price of their game console to $99.00. Unfortunately it's the PS2 not the PS3 system that everybody has been announcing and hoping for. PS2 to drop under $100 on April 1 - Video Game Feature - Yahoo! Video Games So pathetic I had to laugh after all the hype and news. Way to...
  2. 69Mustang

    Like your PS3?

    I am just warming up to the idea of getting a PS3 for the Blue Ray movie playback for me, gaming for my sons (they already have xbox360). I have a good hd widescreen lcd, theater surround sound so a really good picture (1080P) via hdmi and optical digital sound (5.1 for now) is important. I have...
  3. 69Mustang

    Xbox 360-External Blue Ray Player

    Toshiba and MS. News to me. Microsoft has Xbox 360 Blu-ray drives ready to go | Crave, the gadget blog - CNET
  4. 69Mustang

    DirecTV's HDPC-20 PC Box

    Anybody know anything else about this? DTV to PC via USB and Ethernet. Sounds interesting. I hope they offer it. DirecTV on your computer? | Crave, the gadget blog - CNET
  5. 69Mustang

    Sat info CH 206, 209 & 245 needed

    Can anyone provide me the latest Sat/Transponder numbers for ESPN 206, ESPN2 209 and TNT 245? If this info has been posted already sorry. Just lead me to the thread thanks.
  6. 69Mustang

    RIP HDDVD-Long live HDi???

    Toshiba After HD DVD: What Lies Ahead? - Page1 -  MSN Tech & Gadgets - News and Features HDi? Hmmm, sounds a little like what some of those at CES were talking about. Guess we'll have to wait and see if Toshiba still has any bridges left to stand on.
  7. 69Mustang

    FuelHD & SpeedHD in HD yet?

    Just wondering if anyone knows when FuelHD and SpeedHD will actually show HD content?? Racing season is just around the corner and some stuff on Fuel would be great to see in HD for a change.
  8. 69Mustang

    Look out Baltimore. Cameron's here.

    ESPN - Cameron joins Ravens as offensive coordinator - NFL Just off the presses so to speak. Maybe he'll be a better O' Coordinator than a head coach.
  9. 69Mustang

    And the winner is.........

    Netflix battles Apple by eliminating online-watching limits | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone I saw this today about Netflix, Apple movie. With Macworld coming up this week I'm sure there will be more buzz about online movies.
  10. 69Mustang

    $16.99 HD DVD's @ Fry's

    Fry's latest ad 12/21/07 has HD DVD's on sale for $16.99 each. Bourne: Identity & Supremacy Mummy: 1&2 Dune 12 Monkeys Apollo 13 The Frightener The last starfighter Serenity Not a bad deal. Best Buy has been running a 2 for 1 as well. It may still be going on. I got Blades of Glory and Bourne...
  11. 69Mustang

    Cancelled Netflix

    I canceled my promo Netflix account. Got 3 HD DVD's and all three were so scratched that my A3 either stopped or froze while playing their movies. I cleaned each disc with a new damp chamois after following their instructions on disc cleaning before playing the movie. No complaints about the...
  12. 69Mustang

    Ref's handed the Pat's the win against the Ravens

    Ref's gave the Pat's the win last night against the Ravens. If it wasn't for the Raven's coach Ryan time out call the Ravens would have been the team in the locker room celebrating. Brady was stopped cold. Then the next play- a weak penalty against the Ravens in the end zone? Just hand...
  13. 69Mustang

    WSJ-BD/HDDVD War Rages On and on and on.....

    Latest Cut in DVD-Player Duel: Prices Deals Rev Up the Blu-ray, HD DVD Battle By YUKARI IWATANI KANE and SARAH MCBRIDE November 23, 2007; Page B1 Until a few weeks ago, Bill Zimmerman had no interest in buying a next-generation DVD player, at least until a winner was declared in the battle...
  14. 69Mustang

    Latest D tv ad: 150 HD channels??

    I saw a DIRECTV ad during Oregon vs. Arizona last night on ESPN that they are going to offer over 150 HD channels soon?? Anyone have any insight into that? The last I saw and read was 100 by yrs end. OK. I think we're either there or close to it by now. What & when are we going to get the next...
  15. 69Mustang

    2 for 1 movies @ Fry's today

    My local Fry's just put a 2 for 1 deal on Blue Ray movies. Todays ad flyer. They say they have over 30 titles available for this deal. One deal per person. In store purchases only I think. Either make several one time purchases or bring some friends. Not a bad deal. Just fyi.
  16. 69Mustang

    What universal remote do you like??

    I am in the market for a universal remote to handle my 5 pc home theater system. I'm leaning towards Logitech Harmony 880's. I have heard some pro's and con's about the 880's though. Like numbers/lettering wearing off too fast, hard to program for some and charger contact. True? If there is...
  17. 69Mustang

    Buy or Rent your HD DVD movies?

    Just wondering do most buy or rent your HD DVD movies? Buy? From who? Rent? From who? How much? Thinking about Netflix maybe. Anybody have input on them as well?
  18. 69Mustang

    Toshiba HD-A3 Firmware Question?

    Ok, just got my A3 and it appears to work great. The question I have has anyone done the firmware update for the A3? Did it seem to make any difference? Did you download the software to pc and burn a disc or ethernet? Just wondering before I go through the effort. Thanks.
  19. 69Mustang

    D10 & D11 info

    Not sure if anyone has already posted this, but it makes for interesting reading. Can't wait to see what D11 sat can do..... A Galaxy of New HD Options By Peter Pachal OCTOBER 15, 2007 It's a beautiful July day in scenic Baikonur, Kazakhstan, with light winds, clear skies and a...
  20. 69Mustang

    Lost code

    If I lost my parental code for my R10 DVR is there a way to do a force reset? Thanks.