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    DIRECTV likely to keep NFL Sunday Ticket

    Won’t it be the same as the ufc. Residential customers have to go through espn+, and Directv commercial accounts will still have access through directv? There’s no way I can see the nfl telling bars and casinos across the country, many in nearly desolate areas, that barely have a rotting pots...
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    DIRECTV likely to keep NFL Sunday Ticket

    Whichever streaming service does get, needs to talk to whoever setup mlbtv. They’re able to provide streams within seconds of directv or dish.
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    How many TV's does Dish support?

    $105/month in device fees alone, that are 100% profit. Dish better be tripping over themselves getting this guy as a customer, and AT&T is stupid for letting them go.
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    Nascar 2021

    I’m reaching the end of my patience for these road courses. Yesterday’s road America pretty much did me in. So boring, cautions that took at least 10 minutes with a few 20+. Then shortly after the race nascar tried to get the dialogue going in the direction of making it the permanent...
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    I just renewed online.

    I have 5 radios on one account, and without the $5 or $7 deals, there would probably be one, if that. The true discount for multiple radios definitely needs to to be greater than a couple bucks.
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    Fox Sports Nets

    Sorry, Meant ultimate, whichever one gives you most of everything except premiums.
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    Fox Sports Nets

    I’ve said here before. My dish network is no longer under the price lock, nor is my parents directv. With 4 rooms of receivers. I have 250, they have premier, both are pretty close to the same package, but they have Bally sports or whatever it’s called. My bill was actually a dollar higher at...
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    Hopper With Sling uses?

    Rv/camper? Otherwise eBay it for a hundred.
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    MLB moves to All Access package

    Twins are the same, along with most, if not all the teams, which makes this decision to put mlb behind the most expensive sub more confusing. Plus the streaming feeds are within 30 seconds of live, xm app is nearly 2 minutes.
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    Recent cancel experience.

    Directv is currently $162 without discounts, 4 wireless receivers, and ultimate package. dishnetwork is $163 without discounts, 250 package, h3 + 3 wireless joeys. Source: my dish bill breakdown vs my parents directv bill. The only advantages dish has over directv, billing wise, you can buy a...
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    Here's something more current: "Dish is begging authorities for help with T-Mobile’s CDMA shutdown looming"

    Yeah, dish trying to run a cell phone company is almost as comical as AT&T trying to run a tv company.
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    MLB moves to All Access package

    Mlb just loves chasing away it’s fans.
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    2021 Dish Prices

    My price lock ends next month, anyone successfully get their bill under $100 with the 250 package. With no regional sports, there is no way I’m paying what is soon to be a $152 bill, plus have to give AT&T $85, or my local cable company $110. Dish is effing insane if they think general...
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    Crime Investigation Channel?

    Go to my account, login, then programming, on the pull down tabs at Then under the “premium” tab, the dish movie pack is $10. But the “offer” tab(way to the right) has it for $5 for 6 months. Dish movie pack will also give you epix, STARZ on demand, and couple other movie channels...
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    Directv App vs. Dish Anywhere

    I live in North Dakota and do not receive any locals or fox sports north using the directv app. So I never use it.
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    NBC/Comcast Dispute Forthcoming?

    According to rumors on the nascar, nhl, and Indy car subreddits, nbc sports network is going away after 2021. Comcast is figuring they lost the bid for the nhl, and will now move what little remaining sports they have left to peacock, USA, and CNBC. So I’m sure they’re going to ask for another...
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    Nexstar Media Group forces blackout of nearly 5.4 million DISH customers

    Viacom and the nfl were the only true agreements since the temporary covid deals started. Another thing, nexstar is really only asking for $500 million more. But taking into account the companies they bought, such as tribune, really it’s barely an increase. It’s just now dish has to cut a big...
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    Nexstar Media Group forces blackout of nearly 5.4 million DISH customers

    Usually the risk of losing college or nfl football games forces dish to just accept a zero hour deal. But if 70% of their customer base losing at least one channel didn’t get dish to blink today, I have a feeling this one is going months, and may even be the signal that locals are a thing of the...
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    Nexstar Email Response

    I’m siding with nexstar. Dish has been on this “channel x doesn’t receive the same ratings it did 5 years ago so we demand lower carriage fees” kick for three years now, and it has finally broke me. Charlie was even going to war against espn and the nfl earlier this summer. I’m not paying the...
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    Nexstar dispute looming...

    The scroll on my local cbs says December 2nd. Kxmb in Bismarck is on vhf and the signal bounces off everything. Nearly impossible to receive it in town a couple miles from the tower. This is now the 4th dish dispute that affects a channel I watch quite a bit, so I’m probably done. It is getting...