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  1. Davedirectv

    Using the BSU-Nevada Game to Predict Saskatchewan Roughrider Victory in the Grey Cup

    Sorry, but this made me LOL.
  2. Davedirectv

    Sparky Anderson passes away

    Green: The witticism of Georgie Nice little story about George "Sparky" Anderson. RIP Sparky Anderson was baseball to me as a child. He stood for everything that I thought baseball was, should be, and was supposed to be.
  3. Davedirectv

    2010 NCAA Football Season

    The 3-3-5 is the worst defense in college. The amount of pressure coming down on Rich Rod, has got to be immense. I think this year the D-cordinator goes and next year, it's Rich Rod. Just my 2 cents.
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    I cant get into!!!

    Unless i missed something, contacting the tech support through the website you are promoting, is much more likely to yield results.
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    2010-11 NHL Hockey Season

    who'd he fight with? I missed the game.:o my dog ate my remote.:rolleyes:
  6. Davedirectv

    Apparently, Favre likes sending "pics" by phone....

    Geez, please just let this guy go away. He's only playing for stats, nothing more. Just put him into the retirement hall of fame old guy home and let him rot. Why are we even shocked by anything this guy does anymore? Let alone athletes in general. I think after the whole Tiger fiasco, this is...
  7. Davedirectv

    2010-11 NHL Hockey Season

    4-0 win over the Ducks, not a bad start to the season tonight for the Red Wings. Jimmy Howard with the shut out, and Modano scored on his first shot as a Wing. Not bad, not bad at all. Datsyuk, Franzen, and Cleary had the other goals. In related news: Red Wings' Kirk Maltby wrestling with...
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    2010 NCAA Football Season

    It just amazes me the difference between the offense and defense. If we just had an average defense, we could be a good enough team to make something happen. But without a defense and a kicking game.....good luck guys.
  9. Davedirectv

    On any given day---

    I think he's just trying to get everyone to say "balls" as many times as possible. He's seem to get a cheap thrill out of every time he's writes it.
  10. Davedirectv

    2010 NCAA Football Season

    Just wanted to share this with UofM fans, and everyone else who's a Denard Robinson fan. Enjoy. YouTube - DenardTheHappening.flv
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    2010-11 NFL Season

    Wrong topic.
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    AL Central 2010

    jUst heard he was on lcrutches and sitting tuesday's game out! i hope it's just one of the precautions.
  13. Davedirectv

    2010-11 NFL Season

    that a horrible record. almost 9 per year... Heck if we only lose 9 this year, it's an improvement!
  14. Davedirectv

    AL Central 2010

    Tigers' Bonderman expects to pitch elsewhere next season
  15. Davedirectv

    NCAA Football on DirecTV for 9/25/2010

    thanks again for this Will.
  16. Davedirectv

    Big Ten Icons

    Just watched the Charles Woodson Icon show, man I miss that guy, those teams.
  17. Davedirectv

    AL Central 2010

    You know they're playing hockey right now?
  18. Davedirectv

    MMA Fans Take a Look

    Sonnen tested for elevated testosterone - WAP That sucks. Guess we won't see him getting a rematch, unless he proves his prescription was legit.
  19. Davedirectv

    2010-11 NFL Season

    Good D-end's are hard to come by that's for sure. running backs tend to be a dime a dozen, with the Chris Johnson/Adrian Petersons of the world being a rare breed.
  20. Davedirectv

    NFL Weekly Picks Thread Week 2

    same. pretty tight race over there, 3 points separates first from last place!