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  1. pampaul

    WVXF or WVGN on Galaxy 16

    Has any one been able to receive these on there c-band? If so is the transponder and symbol rate that lyngsat has listed accurate? According to lyngsat: freq=3950 horz and symbol rate=12296. I was able to get good quality on freq 3880 (Mexican) so I believe I am on the right bird. I was...
  2. pampaul

    WTNH in CT

    Any one in CT picking up wtnh-HD in Newhaven from OTA? I can get their analog signal no problem, but their digital signal is dead.
  3. pampaul

    OTA reception of RI

    I have a HR10-250 and i live in NE Connecticut and i have a roof top antenna for ota. The problem is i can not receive my local abc, but i receive the ri abc. When i go into the setup of the hr10-250 it shows the frequency and good signal strength of the ri abc, but i can not select it on the...