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  1. nbkhwjm

    Reconfigure EpicVue Dish (Winegard T4) for Dish Network

    i have an EpicVue dish that was configured for DirectTV. I have set this up to try and get it going on my Dish Network VIP211K instead of the King Tailgater. ive followed the directions on this document --> DIP switches, and did the...
  2. nbkhwjm

    OTHER Tuners for a headend setup

    In my endless quest to overbuild everything ive aquired a used but very serviceable headend setup. It has 50 modulators (channels 1-50) 3 combiners and about 30 motorola dct700 catv boxes. I've got 5 KU band dishes and a 12ft cband that can be parked on a bird and provide my own custom cable...
  3. nbkhwjm

    Got a 12ft C-band dish, need help identifying it

    I acquired a 12 ft c-band dish, it was on the ground and needed some work. its missing the lna assembly I'd like to identify it. its 12ft, aluminum, in 8 slices.. The attached pictures are right after pickup, it was buried in the ground a bit.. its aluminum, and free so if it was junk, i...
  4. nbkhwjm

    Anyone Recognize this Coax?

    Ive not seen coax quite like this, and im sitting on about 1000 ft of it.. Im planning on a rather simple (prbably ineffective) impedance test to see where its at, but wanted to see if it looked familiar to anyone.. there is NO WRITING on the jacket, and the spool is long gone... its got a...
  5. nbkhwjm

    Homebrew specific discussion forum

    Hey all, Is there now or would you consider a forum strictly for Homebrew / building / repair etc? I recognize discussions about defeating encryption or other items are forbidden. I've been building a lot of stuff for my setup and its really hard to have deep technical discussions about...
  6. nbkhwjm

    OTHER Looking for 12volt receiver boxes

    I currently have a linkbox 9000i, i noticed to my delight that it has a descrete power supply inside to provide 12vDC to the unit. This is excellent because i try to run all commo gear on 12v. With very few exceptions requiring an inverter. Im looking for another receiver to play with and was...
  7. nbkhwjm

    OTHER Transponder and Channel Data

    All, Ive been working on an application to point my AVL-1278 Dishes --> Ive gotten the AZ, EL and Skew stuff done, as well as a basic compassing system (remember they are MOBILE dishes!) i've...
  8. nbkhwjm

    OTHER So whats good to watch on Ku Band?

    Hey all, i'm wondering what people are actually watching on Ku Band.. Whats good up there? Thanks in Advance Chris..
  9. nbkhwjm

    SUP-2400 B-Band Converters

    I have a few SUP-2400 B-Band converters.. Do these have any other uses besides DirectTV? Im familiar with what they do, but before i pitch them, is there any other interesting use? Thanks Chris
  10. nbkhwjm

    Master list of All Satellites for download?

    all, is there a list somewhere downloadable that indicates at a minimum satellite name, and its orbital position (Longitude) for geosynchronous media sats? something i can use to massage and import... where is the authoritative source for this data.. thanks.. Chris
  11. nbkhwjm

    OTHER Reconfiguration of waveguides from BUC+LNB to just LNB

    hey all Im getting my AVL-1278 Dishes on the air, Im looking at the wave guide setup to determine the best course of action... I want to remove the BUC and its waveguide, however i'm wondering if i need to change the waveguide setup also for improved reception or if its ok as is. here are my...
  12. nbkhwjm

    Linkbox LinkBox 9000I Signal Quality / Intensity Indicators

    All, Im new to FTA, I got a LinkBox 9000i and am trying to get my first satellite signal. Ive noticed that no matter where i point the dish, it never moves from Signal Intensity (SI) of 49% and Signal Quality (SQ) of 10%. Ive used Dishpointer, and various other apps to point the dish. The TV...
  13. nbkhwjm

    AVL 1278 Antennas, what are they good for?

    I acquired 5 of these antennas in various condition, Im a Radio guy (HAM) and avid at Electronics tinkering.. what are these good for? Dish Network? Sirus XM? FTA? Other? Ideas? TIA Chris